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This father had a scar-like tattoo to help his little son with cancer

This father had a scar-like tattoo to help his little son with cancer

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Watching a child get cancer is an unpleasant experience. Words are not enough to describe what a parent feels: regret, anger, helplessness.

In addition to severe illness, side effects of treatment, small patients also have to face the perception of the environment, too long looking at their changed appearance, unpleasant gestures, faces. They feel 'different' and 'rejected'. At every step they are reminded of the disease.

It is not surprising, then, that parents and relatives often support their children in illness, for example, deciding to shave their heads when the toddler begins to lose hair due to chemistry. What Josh Marshall did, who heard from his son that he "feels like a monster," is something amazing. Unimaginable ...

Gabriel, an 8-year-old boy, is fighting a serious illness - a brain tumor. Due to health problems, he underwent surgery, after which a rather large scar remained on his head.

Gabriel confided to his father that he felt very embarrassed when others looked at him and did not like his new reflection in the mirror. His father said "it broke his heart" and told him to do something that would help rebuild the child's confidence. He decided that if others were to look at his son, let them look at both of them.

He decided to go to a tattoo study and do the same scar on his skin as his son has. The child's father said that he did it because he loves Gabriel very much and does not want the child to suffer ... With this gesture he wants to support his son in the fight against the disease.