What for you in school / kindergarten? "Only" flowers or "up" jewelry or shopping voucher?

What for you in school / kindergarten? "Only" flowers or "up" jewelry or shopping voucher?

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The end of the school year is approaching, and inherent discussions about buying a "gift" for teachers. As every year, they cause a lot of controversy. Parents compete in creativity, teachers try to point to other solutions (for example, raising money for noble goals) instead of spending money on flowers, florist owners are opposed (for what reasons) - they indicate that the tradition is to give a flower to teachers. And the children ... are listening. Perhaps they would prepare a gift for the "beloved lady" (apparently they are the best), but nobody asks them for their opinion. After all, children and fish don't have a voice ... Apparently.

"Flowers is not enough, what else?"

Usually "ordinary" flowers are not enough. Parents of school children (and even kindergarten children!) Arrange to buy something "practical" (!). And here the proposals are various - from very practical, universal jewelry, through a coffee maker equally necessary in every home, and ending with a "boring" and "hackneyed" pen. Engraver? Banality…

Some go a step further, why expose you to "forcing" to wear a pendant that she does not like, besides how many eternal feathers or stylish cup sets can be reached, it is better to reach the top in practical thinking and choose something better - a coupon for shopping, elegantly called "voucher" and decide for yourself what to buy, and maybe not buy and present a voucher further?

What counts is the effect, the right idea, so that "our" class fares the best.

Thanks for practicing your profession

Many parents have a problem giving gifts to teachers at the end of the year. The bigger it is, the more expensive the more sophisticated the gift will be. Important questions are asked about this - should teachers be rewarded for performing their duties? Is giving expensive gifts not an exaggeration, an action that could be compared to visiting a doctor's office with expensive cognac? Thank you, you can - a beautiful laurel, a self-created album, or a symbolic flower? What about the rest?

Doubts are not only on the parents 'side, but also on the teachers' side. One of the "ladies" anonymously describes it like this:

Every year, please, instead of spending money on flowers, transfer a certain amount to a children's hospice. My requests are amazed. At first, parents even suspected that I do not like the class because I do not want to accept a gift ... This strange tradition is driven only by parents who race in making gifts, bidding on amounts, no normal teacher expects such "thanks". And most enjoy the handmade gifts that I appeal for.

However, there are other behaviors and attitudes. There is no shortage of teachers who will "slip out" several times around the whole class, or parents who would like to get. There are also those that indicate a specific store and product, according to the principle - they'll buy anyway, maybe it's better for me to get what I need. And so it happens that as a gift, small household appliances, tourist equipment or accessories for ... a newborn are handed over. Some teachers say directly: "We deserve it. We work in difficult conditions, we are poorly paid and gifts are proof that I am doing my job well. "

Do you thank the teacher at the end of the year?

It is worth teaching a child cultural farewells, thanks, skills in giving flowers. However, when the flowers behind you are thinking, "the bouquet will wither, let's give something else" the stairs begin. They are born reasonable doubtwhich Joanna put in great on one of the forums:

You might as well thank the postmen for bringing the letter, the lady in the meat store for purchasing purchases and counting, and nurses for changing the dressing.

So give or not give?

Whom to blame for giving up all limits of reason?

It's hard to look for the guilty ones here, because the truth lies somewhere in the middle, as usual. There is no shortage of parents who want to show off, as well as teachers who think that they deserve. There are moms who "drive" collections, as if forcing wealthy parents to make substantial donations before complaining about "fancy gifts for the teacher" in another environment.

It is worth maintaining healthy restraint and remembering that the word 'thank you' and the smile of happy children are much more valuable than gifts, which are a bone of contention and become embarrassing for those giving and giving.

And you, what do you think about it? Do you give presents? Don't you give