Contest results

Contest results: Akademia Mindu Jesień and Monster X Tour

Contest results: Akademia Mindu Jesień and Monster X Tour

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Dear Parents, we were able to select the winners who will receive admission tickets to the MonsterX Tour and computer games Akademia Mind Mind Fall. Unfortunately, we can't reward everyone, but we thank everyone for participating in our games and we invite you to the next competitions organized on the site. The prizes for the next edition of the "Top commentator" competition are ready and are waiting to be presented .... Once again, you have pleasantly surprised us. You've sent some really interesting photos, original shots. There is no doubt that your vacation was successful. Triple admission to Monster X Tour is given to us by:

Ania Korzeniecka-Klisz, author of the photo: He receives the second triple entry Magdalena Stopczyńska, author of the photo: In the Autumn Academy of the Mind competition we would like to award the authors of the following four answers:

Ewa Ptak:

My daughter Natalia is 4 years old and loves all art work. To create them, we use a variety of, most often ecological, items, e.g. we make stamps from potatoes, i.e. we cut out various designs, shapes on potatoes, soak in paint and impress on a piece of paper (instead of potatoes, they can also be ordinary sponges). We make necklaces out of pasta, and paint wooden ice cream sticks colorfully and glue them into various shapes, e.g. creating a boat. For artistic purposes, we also use toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles, corks, caps, autumn leaves, chestnuts (we make figures from chestnuts and matches), colored feathers. We have a lot of ideas, many materials, most of them natural, which gives a multitude of possibilities, and above all it is a lot of fun! And besides, Natalia also loves puzzles (playing in a hidden treasure with hidden clues, where each clue leads to the next, is a perfect occupation in the open!) And games and memory games (e.g. memo, consisting of matching pairs). I am very happy that my child likes this and not other games and activities, because I know that playing in this way, the daughter develops her manual skills, learns logical thinking, perceptiveness and remembering.

Krzysztof Sądej

I am the father of two boys, so our games are typically male. These include: - "goes the tap, goes the tap. Oooo grain! Dziub, Dziub, Dziub ... "- bearding - necessarily unshaven beard - sniffing - a reliable way to make fun - batman raid - playing PANK's friend - finishing works of our house - bricklaying, wall plastering, painting, hammering nails - attacking mum - these are so-called crazy motives, and of course a few standard ones: - smashing lego towers - arranging puzzles - racing cars in the parking lot.

Anna Pawłowska

We are releasing Red Hot Chili Peppers (our and our two-year-old favorite rock band), we take all children's instruments in the house and listen to music. While dancing we play to the rhythm on the instruments we hear, calling them by the way. If the words are simple enough, we sing and stage them. This fun gives us all a lot of joy, and to teach many things at once by involving many senses. We recommend our favorite fun with your favorite music :)

Karolina Lisiewicz

Her favorite favorite game with her daughter was called "Playing with the lady from all over the world". This is her favorite fun and it consists in the fact that I sit on the couch, she runs away from the room, and I am to shout: Lady from the whole world, where are you? After which she enters and asks what lady I should call and at this moment I have a choice: - A lady from dance who will perform a dance arrangement for me - A lady from singing who knows to sing a song - A lady from the kitchen who will prepare "real" snacks for me - Ms. OD makeup, who not only makes me a makeup that is difficult to remove afterwards, does it with my cosmetics, so I rarely use her services - Ms OD massages, will massage one part of the body, of course at an express pace, because it gets boring quickly - A lady from fitness who tells me to repeat various contortions behind her - A lady from health who asks me if something is wrong, then she will examine me anyway, finally write a prescription, this is my daughter's favorite "lady" because she has to swear a lot of accessories - which is fun in itself, then you can draw on the card the drawings in which the medicines are hidden, and at the end can still threaten me with a stern voice: As you will not take drugs, then you do a shot in the ass. "