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Quinny Speedi SX stroller deep-walking

Quinny Speedi SX stroller deep-walking

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At the thought of another expensive purchase, waiting for the first child, my husband and I got chills. That is why I was extremely happy to hear that my friend would give me her pram. It was a Quinny Speedi sx, both a gondola and a stroller.
I read a little about him ... First, I was surprised by his market price - almost PLN 2,500 (currently less than PLN 2,000). I thought "but I got it!".

The stroller turned out to be very nice and had practically no signs of use. I liked the blue gondola and beige stroller immediately. I had a bit of trouble learning assembly, but a reliable uncle Google came to the rescue and had a montage video in its vast corners. I also saw that I could mount a Maxi Cosi car seat on the frame, my friend even included adapters, so everything was ready. Only the bag and the armchair remained to be bought (he didn't add it to the set). And everything promised to be great ... until ... use.


  • 3 wheels, making it impossible to drive up the stairs;
  • The rear axle distance is wide enough to ride one to climb the stairs. The combined effect is such that you can drive on 1 of 3 wheels ...
  • The microscopic basket means that apart from the raincoat, nothing will fit;
  • The lack of original umbrella hooks available on the market forces you to buy universal, read flying and unstable. There is no need for wind so that the umbrella does not stand attached to the frame;
  • The irregular and bulky frame, and very heavy (11 kg alone) made it difficult to fold and store the trolley in the car;
  • Relatively small gondola inside to outside;
  • The walking version is extremely wide and without stops, which deformed the child's body position inside (the friend herself had to quickly change the stroller to an umbrella, because the child began to have a curvature of the spine, so this defect was also confirmed by her). Theoretically, there is an insole to block the child's "bouncing". No less for this class / price stroller the manufacturer could make a bit more effort, even by modifying the straps so that they are adequate protection;
  • No stroller sitting position;
  • The walking version is very "open" which makes it difficult to use in winter, because you need to support with several blankets (on the sides, on the legs unless you have a sleeping bag, from the head side also);
  • No headband in the stroller as standard;
  • Extremely strenuous lifting of the stroller seat backrest;
  • Poor braking performance (and not just because I had a used stroller, reviews are repeated and with now owners);
  • The installation of the stroller is almost a miracle. Not only do you need to sweat well with the assembly instructions, but also in two places "combine" and thread the carabiner, because there is no suitable hook or hole;
  • It is not possible to change the seat or handle so that you can determine the direction of travel yourself;
  • Too many Velcro-mounted components (including stroller roofs), which causes a feeling of instability in the structure;
  • Price for new ...


  • Large wheels enabling movement in almost any terrain (sand, mud, snow, high grass, uneven terrain, etc.);
  • Durable material and aesthetically made gondola and stroller;
  • Lots of original accessories available for purchase;
  • Hand brake, which is an extremely practical solution. You don't have to use the "foot" brake every time you come down a steep hill, you only need to "lock" the stroller for a moment, etc .;
  • A few small pockets around the gondola. Nothing specific will fit there, but e.g. a mosquito net (fastened to the visor with a zipper, additionally attached with discreet hooks to the gondola) will enter without any trouble and will always be at hand;
  • The stroller has removable "windows" at the height of the child's head, thanks to which the traveler can observe the world passing by also from the side of the stroller;
  • A steerable front wheel (lockable) and lightweight wheelchair handling make maneuvering and general driving easier;
  • The basket placed under the trolley has the option of "enlarging" the surface, i.e. second bottom opened with zipper. Unfortunately, even after enlargement it is very small.

To sum up - this is it nice trolley, it looks impressive. However, it seems to me that for this price the producer could apply more practical solutions.

Fortunately, my copy is "shipped", and since I don't use it too often, it is enough for my needs. In my case, the advantage of the "off-road" wheelchair prevails.

However, if you plan to buy a new one and live in a city or town - I advise against Quinny.