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Fisher Price ball - hit or putty?

Fisher Price ball - hit or putty?

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The Fisher Price ball is an interesting, though imperfect product. In a sense, not very creative and depriving of the entertainment typical of playing classic football. He does too much for parents and child. When the ball sings, counts down and makes interesting sounds, it in some sense takes away the pleasure of doing it all by the child and parent. One may like it, others may not necessarily ...

Excellent quality?

Fisher Price products are known for their excellent quality and high price. Both check with this ball.

The Fisher Price toy costs around PLN 80. The ball is made of a soft, pleasant touch material that can be removed and washed. The toy is light and intuitive to use. It has two levels of volume. It was equipped with a button on the nose area (which unfortunately is quite difficult to use for a two-year-old, not to mention a parent) choosing three modes: counting, singing and playing. The downside is a fairly hard area around the battery and Velcro, which in football interested the daughter first, and this is just a place on the toy that should be far from the interest of the toddler.

Certainly the soft material and the entire ball structure are resistant to kicking, tossing and any manipulation. This is of course a plus. We can be sure that the ball will not break down during play. The toy also consumes little energy, it can be used for a long time before you need to change the batteries.

Interest in the toy

In our case, interest in this toy is medium. When she was bought, when her daughter was about ten months old, she did not arouse admiration. For several months she lay unheard of attention, enthusiasm and a desire to play. Even hidden and shown once again, it has not become one of the favorites. The only thing that aroused her interest was the Velcro, which the daughter tried to unfasten, and what we tried to not allow.

Today, when Oliwia is almost 21 months old with a ball we will play from time to time, however, when a Fisher Price product has competitions in the form of a regular ball (for 6 zlotys bought at the market) or a small "rubber" (similar price), she chooses to play with other balls . Of course, it is possible that the toy is liked by other children, but the possibilities of playing with it are very limited: and it is worth remembering when choosing this product. It is true that the ball sings interesting songs, counts down and makes nice sounds, but in my opinion too little to consider it worth recommending. Once again, I would definitely not buy this toy.


The Fisher Price ball is widely available. It costs about PLN 80, it can be bought for about PLN 20 cheaper in the promotion. Often, its price is lowered around the holiday season. During the Euro period, Fisher Price singing ball could be obtained in the colors of the representation: white and red.

In my opinion, KIT, although with quite some doubts about how this toy can be received by other children. What do you think? Will you help decide in which department this product should be found?