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Top commentator in September: results

Top commentator in September: results

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Dear Parents, the next edition of the competition for a top commentator has come to an end. The prizes that we will present in October are ready. In a few days we will reveal what you can win by leaving comments under the selected articles on the site. Now a few words about the September edition.

Thank you for your active participation in the life of the site. We are very pleased that you remain with us as loyal readers and have been speaking here unchangeably for several months. We are pleased to welcome all new readers and encourage you to speak, write to us and create a page.

In September, we would like to highlight two people:

  • Ewankę, which left not only the largest number of comments (62), but also inspired us many times and who decided to put a banner for a parent on a private blog (scoring an additional 20 points), for which we would like to thank. A hat and a handmade bookmark will be sent to Ewanka.
  • Eve, which we would also like to highlight for very active participation in the life of the page (42 comments) by sending a hand-made silver-plated bookmark.

Thank you all for participating in the competition and welcome to the October edition! I wonder how you will like the prizes this time ...