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Santas and angels from the salt mass

Santas and angels from the salt mass

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Children are longing for Santa's arrival, often the night before the traditional Santa's Day they clean their shoes, leave cookies and milk for the weary traveler. It also happens that they leave a small gift in the form of a Christmas card, a special letter of wishes, with us it was Mikołaj from the salt mass. Santa from salt mass can also be used as a Christmas tree decoration. Below you will find recipes for Santas and angels from salt mass.

To prepare Santa you will need: salt mass (wheat flour, fine salt, warm water), roller, glass, brush, cup with water, paints, toothpick, garlic squeezer, oven.

Recipe for salt mass:

  • 1 cup of fine salt,
  • 2 cups of wheat flour,
  • half a glass of warm water

We combine all ingredients to form a uniform mass. When the mass is ready, roll it out and cut out with a glass 3 circles.

Then, from the rest of the mass, we cut out three triangles so that they form hats, belts (fur for hats) and balls (pompoms). Glue the caps with a brush soaked in water to the previously cut circles, you can lightly put them on so that the cap falls slightly, then stick the fur and pompom to the cap.

Perhaps the most difficult element of Santa is a beard. We did it in three ways. From the salt mass, we cut a circle with a glass and cut it into uneven parts, I glued the larger one to the bottom of Santa's head, we pressed vertical stripes with a toothpick and a beard formed.

The second way to make a beard is to squeeze the salt mass with a garlic press, then successively stick the resulting "hair" to Santa's head so that the hair and beard are formed. The third way to make a beard is to cut a large part of the mass (twice as large as the head), gradually sticking it and lightly wrinkling, at the end any unevenness can be cut off with a knife. Finally, we make mustache, nose, eyebrows out of salt mass and glue it with water. If Santas are to hang on a Christmas tree, for example, you need to make a hole in their caps with a toothpick or put a paper clip.

Put Santas in the oven for about 2 hours and bake at 80 - 120 degrees, check that they do not brown too quickly so that they do not burn.

When Santas are hard, they should be painted. Beards, mustaches, eyebrows in white, hats and noses in red. We paint the cheeks with diluted red paint, then eyes and mouths.

For painting we used poster paints without the use of water because the one used in excess could soften Santas.

Angels from the salt mass

Angels of salt mass are small in size and are great to hang on a Christmas tree, decorate a Christmas gift or as a decoration.

To prepare angels you need: salt mass, rolling pin, garlic squeezer, heart-shaped (or butterfly) mold, glass, paints, toothpick, oven, glitter, brush, cup with water.

Recipe for salt mass

  • 1 cup of fine salt,
  • 2 cups of wheat flour,
  • half a glass of warm water

We combine all ingredients to form a uniform mass. Roll out the dough into a thin cake and cut out the wings. The wings can be made by squeezing the butterfly mold on the mass or cut out with a glass circles and cut in half. Then, on the wings, we make a toothpick to hang holes and impress with small stripes that will make the semicircles even more similar to the wings.

Then we cut out on a rolled salt mass a heart mold and glue them to the wings with water so that the dresses form. Dresses can be additionally decorated with hearts cut out of salt mass, flowers, etc.

We form small heads and glue the dresses with the wings. Salt mass is squeezed through a garlic press and glued, it is best to glue the hair to the angel's head one by one with water. At the end we make small holes in the angel's head with a toothpick to make a singing face or smile. Angels put in the oven for about 2-3 hours, regulating the temperature from 60 to 120 degrees from time to time. Angels should have hard heads and light brown.

After baking, the angels need to be painted. We paint the wings slightly with white paint, and the cheeks with red water. Then we paint the hair (the color depends on our taste) and decorate the dresses. Finally, paint with the thin brush and paint the eyes open and closed) and the angels' faces.