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Bathing roundabout

Bathing roundabout

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Many children don't like bathing, and if they like, they don't really like washing their heads. At first, when our son was bathed in a bath tub lying down, in fact the problem was foreign to me, we washed his head without resistance. Only when the bath was sitting down and you had to rinse the shampoo out of the hair with a shower did problems arise. The little one cried as soon as we approached the shower, and once the water came into his eyes, the crying was unbearable.

The bathing brim proved to be helpful in this situation. It looks like a wheel without a built-in center, just put the child on his head like a hat. Rondo really passes the exam, because it retains water, preventing it from reaching the eyelets or the whole face. You can easily wash your baby's head while he or she is playing freely in the water. The big plus of the brim is its universal size, because the elastics placed in the center are flexible and adapt to any head size. It is also quite durable and most importantly, completely safe for toddlers of all ages. They are also easy to keep clean, just wipe dry immediately after bathing. The product is also easily available, because I met him on the auction portal, hypermarket and neighborhood store with children's goods. Prices depend on the place of shopping, but the cost is not higher than PLN 25.

In general, the brim was used only a few times because my son cannot be enslaved by any gadgets. At first busy with fun, he gave himself a roundabout, now, unfortunately, he is smarter and does not allow such maneuvers to protest loudly. Nevertheless, I believe that the brim fulfills its function, i.e. it does not allow the child's face or eyes to get wet with water while washing the head, and thus bathing becomes pleasant for the child and less stressful for parents.

It didn't work for us

The bathing brim was to be the antidote to dissatisfaction during bathing louder and louder. Unfortunately it did not work. His daughter, who was about seven months old when she was sitting in a large bathtub for several weeks, did not accept him. Protests before washing the head as they were, yes they were ... Interestingly before, the water flowing down her face completely did not bother her. The situation changed day by day.

We bought the aforementioned roundabout, but just like at Wioleta after some time, with us the attempt to establish a roundabout immediately met with strong protest. The daughter simply did not allow herself to wash the hair with this "gadget" on her head. Indeed, even its establishment became impossible.

Summa summarum, we have developed our own head washing method, which requires two people. One talks and shows interesting objects located high, while the other flushes his head in the shower. However, this method has the disadvantage that it requires the cooperation of two people and good reflexes. :) We hope that over time washing your head will be easier ...

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