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Caesarean sections have an impact on evolution - surprising conclusions from scientists

Caesarean sections have an impact on evolution - surprising conclusions from scientists

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The number of deliveries performed by Caesarean section is increasing every year. According to the Institute of Mother and Child, in 1999 20% of children were born via Caesarean section. Today currently, 40% of pregnancies end by caesarean section (The World Health Organization has been calling for years that this figure should be much lower and a maximum of 15%). This fact, according to an intriguing study conducted in Australia, is to have an impact on changing the course of human evolution. The growing number of emperors is to change our genes ... And according to scientists, this is very bad news. Why?

Too many emperors

Before the era of widespread Caesarean section, mothers with so-called narrow hips giving birth to large-headed babies had no chance of a happy delivery final. Most died during childbirth, which from an evolutionary point prevented the transfer of their genes to subsequent generations.

Due to the spread of Caesarean sections, the delivery of larger children became possible. The feminine build is also no longer a problem. And that's very good. On the other hand, however, this has different consequences, scientists believe from year to year the number of cases preventing natural delivery is increasing, not only because women cannot give birth naturally. But also because often the decision about the emperor is made "exaggerated". The results of the study were published in the 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)' here.

The view of "too big heads" of children hindering childbirth by force of nature arouses quite a controversy. Proponents of childbirth without medical intervention warn that this is a myth. They explain that the human body is able to adapt to various, even extreme conditions. In addition, the baby's head also remains "plastic", so that it can squeeze through the birth canal. The authors of the research, however, suppress optimism. They add that this only happens up to a point.

Talks have been going on for years the dynamically growing number of cesarean sections. Scientists call for prudence. In America, the growing number of cesarean sections (currently at 30%) is considered to be "One of the main public health problems". Overseas guidelines are being created to "protect" women and children from Caesarean section for non-medical reasons. There is a lot of talk about the emperor's not as good as is commonly claimed. Similarly in Poland. Officials of the Ministry of Health argue that it is necessary to limit the number of treatments, because the tendency to make cuts on request is bad.

Doctors emphasize that delivery by caesarean section should only take place for clear medical indications. They warn that if nothing changes, we will be evolutionarily getting worse prepared for natural births.







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