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Baby time. Day by day activity plan

Baby time. Day by day activity plan

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When we become mothers for the first time, we often feel lost. We are unable to remember new skills and responsibilities. It sometimes happens that we have to think about when we were feeding the baby, whom we recently breast fed, which makes it difficult to read the baby's needs. We have a problem with the answer when the doctor asks how many diapers wet the baby, how often it is defecation. The days merge, and new skills that a child acquires over time are difficult to qualify for a specific month, not to mention a specific day. Meanwhile, the most is happening in the first year of a child's life. Therefore, it's good to remember them all for yourself and your toddler. This will allow us to better organize the time and first weeks of the child's life.

As a rookie mom, I wrote feeding times on a regular calendar. I also noted all important events in my child's life there: starting from my grandmother's first visit, through vaccinations, attempts to roll aside, or the first words. Today, the hardback calendar is a precious souvenir for me, which I reach for, remembering.

"Baby time" has the advantage over the solution of my choice that it is available in a small, yet sufficient format for making notes. Thanks to this, you can easily take it anywhere with you. It has a rigid cover that makes the organizer durable and comfortable when taking notes.

The first pages are the baby's day and night calendar, on which you can save feeding times, the number of diapers changed, activity time, toddler attention, sleep, all additional information and new achievements.

The next part is "Mother's Necessary", which is the child's development month after month, developmental jumps, percentile grids, information about feeding, sleep, care, etc., which is the necessary data for beginner parents, as well as useful during doctor visits.

At the very end there is a notebook.

The price of PLN 29.90 can be considered attractive.

To sum up: this is not a necessary product (you can imagine making notes in an ordinary calendar - just like I did it, as well as in a notebook), but it is certainly an interesting proposition. Charmingly published, well-designed and allowing you to save all the important events of the child's day: at the beginning of the number of feedings, but with time the date of the first not yet fully aware "mother", the first steps, etc.

Definitely a good idea for a gift!

Thank you to the publisher of Sierra Madre for sharing a copy of the product.