How do you know if your baby is tired and wants to sleep?

How do you know if your baby is tired and wants to sleep?

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Theoretically, the situation should be simple. A tired child goes to sleep now. In practice, however, it varies. Often a toddler whose energy level is close to zero cannot fall asleep. It happens that he becomes overactive and sends contradictory signals to his guardians, who instead of putting him to sleep, allow them to continue playing. As a consequence, the dream goes away in time and either the child finally falls asleep peacefully alone, or falls asleep only exhausted from crying.

Apparently, there is a perfect moment to put the child to sleep. This moment allows you to fall asleep quickly. The parent's role is to catch her, and many experts point out how to recognize her.

Here are their suggestions and my observations on this topic.

Three yawns

Tracy Hogg is a world-famous "children's whisperer". A colorful figure, but controversial in many circles. The author of, among others, "The Language of Babies", in which she shares information on how to read the signals sent by the youngest children.

According to her concept, the babies send signals that they are tired. Yawns are one of the easiest to observe. Tracy advises young parents to put the baby to sleep after three yawns, allowing him to fall asleep.

Great advice

I admit that as a young mother I took her to heart and fell into the trap. I watched my lovely baby and counted yawns. I find this funny now, but at the time I was dead serious and goal oriented. I wanted to avoid the trauma of missing the "best moment" and provide my child with the best conditions for development.

Unfortunately, I have been frustrated many times, because three or even five yawns were not enough for my baby to fall asleep.

Well, unless regeneration counts, which took place after three hours of yawning ... but I think that's not the point Hogg.

Sleep and waking cycles

Another theory is that sleep and waking cycles interweave at similar intervals in the youngest infants. Watching them predicts when your baby will want to sleep.

That's right, you can write down, analyze everything and draw conclusions, setting for example a long nap at 12 ... The problem is that when we want to use this knowledge at an important moment, it usually turns out to be of little practical use. It just damn hits her, and the child will classicly deregulate and fall asleep the moment you were about to leave ...

There is another funny issue ... once we manage to establish a "day plan", there is a developmental leap, the teething stage or another and the day begins to look quite different. It's not that easy ...

Cranky child = tired

Well, this is the next view that newborns and the youngest babies were crying mainly from hunger. When this option falls off, fatigue is taken into account ... and the baby goes to sleep.


Not necessarily.

Unfortunately, sleeping a toddler who is bored, who hurts something or who has teeth coming out of it will do little good. A grumpy child does not have to be tired. There are plenty of reasons, even for the youngest children, that should be considered ...

How do you know if your child is tired?

Are you expecting a simple, specific answer?

You will be disappointed, because there is no such ...

The easiest way is to trust your intuition and watch your child.

Each toddler will give different signals. One child can be silenced, absent, other excited and extremely active. Sometimes the baby rubs his eyes, other times he grabs his ear.

The rule usually works, especially for older children, that the greater the protest against going to bed, the more fatigue it causes.


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