20th week of pregnancy

20th week of pregnancy

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Congratulations! You're half pregnant! A few weeks are waiting for you before the baby appears in the world. Now, apart from growing your belly, you won't be experiencing great revolutions and significant changes, especially when it comes to baby development. During these few weeks, the child will mainly grow and gain fitness in basic activities. So that she could manage her birth on her own.


The average weight of a developing child is about 325 grams, the head circumference is equal over 17 cm and belly circumference about 14 cm, feetwhile it grows to 3.2 cm.
They are actively developing every day baby's muscles which allows the toddler to perform more vigorous movements in the uterus. Thanks to the strengthening of the neck movements, it is possible to move the head. There are already tooth buds in the jaws. Hair is already developing on the head.

A substance appears on the skin - fetal ointment, which protects the skin from the effects of amniotic fluid, in which the child is constantly immersed. Due to the presence of a small amount of body fat on ultrasound, the toddler's body may appear lean.
In girls, the uterus and vagina are already formed.

The bearing nests pdeeper in the structure of the uterus. This is needed so that you can get a good supply of oxygen and nutrients, and these will increase with the passing months as your child grows.


You can see clearly enlarged waist. The top of the bottom of the womb is just below the navel. Around the 20th week due to the larger size of the baby you can feel the first movements of the baby. In the second and subsequent pregnancy, the baby's movements are usually sensed earlier about 1-2 weeks earlier.

You can feel too paine underbelly and sides: result of stretching the ligaments supporting the uterus. A typical symptom is also an increased amount whitish vaginal discharge.

It is also typical increased heart rate.

What is worth remembering?

Pregnancy lasts nine months. It would be difficult at this time, despite great care and attention to health, did not catch any infection. Immunity, which is weakened during this particular period, will make you have a great difficulty fighting any threat. Fortunately, a pregnant woman has more and more possibilities when it comes to treating colds and sore throats. Learn more about this topic.

From mom's diary

I can laugh and cry at the same time. About 20 weeks ago, I would think something was wrong with my head and she was worried whether if I went to the doctor, it would not lock me somewhere far away from my family. Now, however, nothing and nothing surprises me.

I feel big. My front is getting bigger. Faster gait, let alone run, becomes very complicated. My breasts bounce on every bump. It's good that I can't see each other and the people who watch me every day support me as much as they can. Especially Hubby, who apparently I like so much more than before pregnancy (I wonder if he will keep this sentence after delivery, when the toddler appears, and with him sleepless nights. Will he want to change my appearance again so that my belly goes first and then me?).

The vision of birth seems so close that instead of getting used to it (as specialists suggest), I throw it out of my head, trying not to think about the elephant passing through the keyhole. I also avoid internet forums. I am not amused by bloody stories and horror stories. Maybe if I don't know, it will hurt less?

From dad's diary

It's unbelievable, but what they say is that a man is getting pregnant is also true. That he's getting fat? Thread? But these emotions! Normally, sometimes I get the feeling that I will fall apart. I say to myself: chill guy, but I really need to be in control ... I pay attention to prams, no, no, not women with prams, but prams and their "contents" :) I don't recognize myself ...

What's next?

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