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Potty OKT Prima baby with teddy bear head

Potty OKT Prima baby with teddy bear head

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With the son's graduation, we went to buy a potty. At the beginning we wanted him to get used to its existence, so by the time he was ready to pee on his own, the potty was simply a toy. Using the advice of other mothers and all guides on raising children, we went shopping with my son so that he could choose his private potty. Because he is a great lover of all kinds of teddy bears, so as soon as he saw the potty profile resembling a teddy bear, there was no end to joy. We were happy because he actually chose one of the cheapest potties - PLN 9.99 (although the prospect of giving the decision to buy this gadget to the yearling seemed completely different). We decided that the potty will definitely not be with the melody, because we are already tired of constantly playing toys, and eventually we will use the potty quite often.

Initially, the potty worked great, the small one every day before entering the tub sat on his teddy bear, sometimes he used it as a ride. Unfortunately, when the first attempts at dehumidification began, the potty turned out to be an obvious putty! When the need to pee suddenly appeared, the teddy bear's head turned out to be an obstacle, because it was difficult to put the child in the lowered shorts - the only solution was to remove the entire bottom of the clothes, not to mention the peeing of the clumsy toddler himself. Unfortunately, attempts to de-skinning discouraged both my son and me from using this potty, because it usually ended in wet clothes that we could not take off. However, this is not the end of the potty flaws.

With stronger sitting or tilting the small toddler (about 12 kg) forward, the teddy bear's legs start sliding sideways. Although we did not break them, they became unstable, so the child does not feel safe on him. It is a pity that the teddy bear's eyes and nose are glued, because the toddler can quickly peel them off, so the whole thing does not look aesthetic. Generally, the potty seems quite stable and pleasant - but unfortunately it disappointed us a lot. I wonder if even the shape of the teddy bear encouraged to use it. Probably encourages fun, not pee, and that's not what we mean. When sometimes we host children, both parents and toddlers are delighted with the potty, but I sincerely advise against every time, because I know that it did not work with us. It is true that we found another way not to remove the entire clothing (the child sits back to back), but I was very disappointed with this invention, which was to serve and became impractical.