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Kizzo gloves - a way to suck your thumb?

Kizzo gloves - a way to suck your thumb?

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On the one hand, non-teat education is propagated, on the other, the internet forums are bursting with threads about how to teach a child to suck his thumb. Often, this harmful habit has different forms: it does not necessarily consist of classic sucking, but also, as mothers say, the "meme" of "sliding your finger on the tongue", etc. There is no lack of children who simply put their fingers in their mouths (without sucking them) , when they feel anxious, for some reason they are uncertain, etc. Theoretically, Kizzo colored gloves are supposed to help in this problem. How is it in practice?

Often the child grows up on his own

There are several schools. Some people emphasize that finger sucking is the most natural for children up to the age of two, while others note that the sooner we start to wean the baby, the better. There is a group of pediatricians who argue that the habit will pass itself, others recommend fighting the problem. So as in life: there are different views, and it is the role of parents to choose the right one.

It can be assumed that it is true that the older the child, the more the habit of sucking his thumb can become more established. In addition, with age, the baby who is sucking his finger looks less and less natural. What is cute right after birth is not like that later. It is often said loudly about the mistake that parents made on this occasion, without giving a pacifier, but this topic is quite controversial and requires separate treatment.

How should Kizzo gloves work?

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not explain this in detail. One can only guess that for older children they are supposed to be an interesting gadget, a reminder that will allow you to avoid sucking your thumb. It also has due to the barrier in the form of fabric become a way to "taste" the thumb.

This is why I have a lot of trying to unleash my thumb, often uses a special gel, others wear socks, and other gloves. Kizzo gloves have the advantage of being colorful and simply pretty. They are available in several sizes, colors and it is possible to make them on special order. Unfortunately, the price is not too low, because the cost is PLN 39.99 per pair.

Is it worth it

Of course, everyone must make this decision themselves. My goal is to share my own insights with you.

The daughter doesn't have a classic thumb sucking problem. However, as a non-teat baby, she found various replacements: at the age of several months, hard wooden spoons, a corner of a blanket, toys, as well as sticks. The latter functioned as a "comforter" and a companion when falling asleep. Thanks to the fact that you could put a finger in your mouth, you could easily feel more confident. Today, when the daughter is 20 months old, the problem is minor. However, it happens that the finger lands in the mouth when there is uncertainty: e.g. during guest visits, extremely exciting trips, etc. The problem is not sucking, but just putting the fingers in the mouth.

Did the gloves work? Unfortunately not. First of all, they have a "built-in" thumb, and the remaining fingers are free, which in our case was insufficient. In addition, gloves are made of non-stretchable material, which makes putting them on the hand of a child who does not work with us is very difficult. Despite the interesting colors, the gloves have not gained the approval of the small tester. They aroused resentment and anxiety. In addition, the barrier in the form of material, contrary to expectations, did not stop him from putting his thumb in his mouth, and the need was even greater than without gloves. Therefore, I have no doubt: that prolonged use of gloves in our case could increase the problem than fight it. When the trouble is not too big, and so it is with us, it is enough to take the daughter, distract attention and at the moment when we notice that the fingers are moving to the lips, firm but consistent pulling them out.

To sum up: even if I wanted to, I am not able to rate this product the best. Gloves are difficult to put on, they are made of thin inelastic material, not very pleasant to the touch. They also have a button that does not match the gloves, but is supposed to have a decorative function, which in my opinion is a misguided idea. Perhaps some Kizzzo gloves will appeal to you ... So if you think it's worth it, try it. I do not recommend.