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Pregnancy and period - can you have a period and be pregnant?

Pregnancy and period - can you have a period and be pregnant?

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Many women have a problem that could be summarized in two words, "pregnancy and period." Well, yes - theoretically one with the other is mutually exclusive, and in practice Internet forums are bursting at the seams from the history of women who had menstruation in pregnancy. A large group would cut their heads for the truth of this statement. So it is possible ... Only by what miracle? How is it with this period - wasn't it supposed to be a signal that pregnancy did not happen? It turns out that the answer is simpler than we think.

Pregnancy and period - it's impossible

Solving the puzzle is simple. Exfoliation of the uterine epithelium does not occur during pregnancy. For one simple reason - this epithelium is needed for a child to grow. When fertilization occurs, the embryo clings to the walls of the uterus and grows there. The uterus is growing and from now on the future mother can forget about menstruation.

And analogously. The cyclical occurrence of monthly bleeding sends simple information to a woman - pregnancy is absent.

So how did you find out about the period of pregnancy?

Misunderstandings arise from that bleeding may occur during pregnancy, especially at the beginning of embryo development. However, this will not be monthly bleeding. The mechanism of its formation is different.

During the period during which menstruation should normally occur, it may occur implantation spotting, which is an early sign of pregnancy, indicating that the embryo is implanted in the wall of the uterus.

So how do you distinguish between monthly bleeding and implantation spotting?

The main difference is bleeding intensity. Menstruation forces the use of sanitary pads, lasts at least several days, is initially more intense, then the amount of bleeding is less. In contrast, spotting caused by embryo implantation is, as a rule, modest, small and passes quickly. A woman who experiences it can wear panty liners and that's enough.

Sometimes implantation spotting can confuse a woman, especially a young woman who is pregnant for the first time. May resemble menstruation. Immediately to describe it, words such as "scanty", "strange", "weak" are defined, so at the very beginning you can realize that something is wrong.

Therefore, if spotting occurs during menstruation, this may be a sign of pregnancy. If "menstruation" is scanty or different than before, it is worth taking a pregnancy test to be sure.

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