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Top commentator in October

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Dear parents, another month passes and we are preparing for you the next installment of our competition in which you can win handicrafts made by talented Moms. This time we have three lovely prizes for you.

First sheepwhich was made especially for this competition. She is dressed in a stylish blue dress with white polka dots and a yellow bolero. The head is decorated with a bow, and in his hands he holds a small pillow with the embroidered name of the site: The sheep is beautiful in every detail. Very carefully made and one of a kind. Sheep will win the person who will delight us with the most factual and inspirational comments.

In turn, we have prepared a second prize for the most active participant in the discussion. The person who will leave the most substantive comments during the competition will receive from a handbag for a little elegant girl. Purse inspired by a wise owl perfectly fits the subject of the page. :)

And finally, another surprise. We attach to each prize handmade key ring, who donated specially to this competition reader, mother of a 7-month-old Szkrab and a handicraft worker, whose works you can see and buy on the Heath. many original trinkets ideal as a gift for future and freshly baked mothers (but not only), as well as unusual jewelry, bags, accessories ... Each of the works is handmade and lovingly done, mostly in single copies.

And how do you like the competition? We will only add that we are losing October 1, and we are waiting for your comments until October 24, 2012. The competition regulations can be found here.

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