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The best ways to constipate in pregnancy

The best ways to constipate in pregnancy

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Much changes during pregnancy, including the digestive pattern. Problems with defecation become typical during this period. Constipation in pregnancy applies even to women who eat healthy foods. It is estimated that half of the future mothers complain about them. How to deal with them? Fortunately, there are several ways.

Where do constipation come from in pregnancy?

The reason for many changes in pregnancy are hormones. This is also the case here. It is the increase in progesterone concentration that is responsible for "relaxing" the intestinal muscles, which makes them less active. Food passes through the digestive system longer, which allows maximum absorption of all nutrients and transporting them to the child. However, it also has a side effect - it causes problems with defecation.

There is also a second reason - the constantly growing uterus, which presses on neighboring organs, occupies a place reserved for the intestines, which is not conducive to digestion and excretion. Constipation in pregnancy can be aggravated by iron, which is a component of many supplements taken to prevent or cure pregnancy anemia.

How to deal with constipation in pregnancy?

Although constipation in pregnancy is physiology, it is not worth ignoring them, because they can lead to hemorrhoids. Here's what to look out for.

  • choose fiber-rich foods - eat whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables (preferably raw or slightly cooked), legumes, dried fruits,
  • reach for kiwi, which despite its small size, allows you to get a great laxative effect,
  • drink water preferably all day long with small sips, you should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water every day,
  • it is worth reaching out every day for a glass of fruit juice, especially plum juice,
  • add fiber slowly, obtaining a value of 25-30 grams of fiber each day. Changing the menu too quickly will have the opposite effect (gas and bloating will appear),
  • along with increased fiber take care of increasing the amount of water,
  • instead of large, hearty meals, opt for more frequent but smaller
  • drink warm drinks even warm water with lemon, which helps improve intestinal motility,
  • pay attention to dietary supplements that may aggravate constipation. Talk about their conversion into slow-absorbing preparations,
  • as often as possible move on, go for walks, thanks to regular activity you will reduce the risk of constipation,
  • remember about natural probiotics, which have a positive effect on bacterial microflora and facilitate digestion,
  • avoid laxatives during pregnancy, which can be dangerous during this special period.


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