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Amazonas Carry Baby Sling and Carrier

Amazonas Carry Baby Sling and Carrier

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The second child turned out to be the opposite of the first. As a result of several factors, I reached for a method that had not been tested before - a scarf. The temperament of my first daughter quickly gave me a signal that I could forget about both the sling and the baby carrier. But the other snuggle loves and this is the only position in which I manage to calm her down. So I put great hope in my headscarf ...

I have a scarf at home and a sling at the same time from a reputable company Amazonas, model Carry Baby. Her husband won her in a plebiscite for Dad of the Month on parenthood, but from what I noticed, his price is between PLN 140 and 170. Last year, however, the shawl was much more popular than this one and cost even over PLN 200.

Amazonas Carry Baby is two flexible parts with cotton jersey. Each has 3 sliders to adjust the size. The manufacturer ensures that it is easier and more comfortable for the spine to carry a child and to tie a sling (although in this case the word "bind" seems to be stretched). First things first.

The scarf should be perfect for carrying a newborn baby

FALSEHOOD. After a dozen or so attempts to insert the child according to the instructions, the effect was the same - the child was strangely twisted each time, by no means correct positioning. I tried to arrange my daughter at several heights and from different angles. Each time, the body itself, the head itself. Perhaps it would be possible if Mother Nature gave me a smaller breast. I do not know. I will test on my daughter and some less "abundant" friend in the future.

Length adjustment sliders

FALSEHOOD. The idea is great. Practice shows that an attempt to shorten elastic jersey borders on a miracle, and shortening by almost half a meter of material gives a barely noticeable effect after inserting a less than 4 kilo child.

The child is safe and stable

FALSEHOOD. I tried the baby carrier version with my first daughter. After putting it in both parts she sat nicely. However, with even the slightest movement, the cross-wrapped parts of the headscarf parted and the falling of the child was only a matter of seconds.
The only plus of Carry Baby is the fact that it does not need to be tied, but only put over the shoulder, each part through the other.

So what can this wonder of technology be used for? I do not know, but certainly not to carry a child. Neither the newborn, nor the one holding the head stably.

I do not understand why producers create such a "something" without giving a chance to use the product in practice. This is another gadget, a bajer, which is to attract attention, make people want to buy original products. And that's about enough.