Pediatricians are calling for free vaccines!

Pediatricians are calling for free vaccines!

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Research by the Children's Health Center shows that nearly 2/3 of parents decide on combined vaccines, for which you have to pay between PLN 120-200 for one dose. Although their cheaper counterparts are funded by the NFZ and are 100% free. According to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, pediatricians are calling for free access to modern vaccines for all children.

Each year, the state budget saves about PLN 100 million on vaccines for which parents pay, without using the available free worse counterparts. In this way, they not only save the punctures, which are less with combined vaccines (instead of three punctures - one), but also choose vaccines that according to specialists are better, more efficient, safer, and their use does not involve the risk of so many side effects. On the one hand, they care for children, on the other, they do the Ministry of Health, which saves money on parents of children up to the first year.

In addition, about 10% of parents buy a pneumococcal vaccine, one dose of which costs PLN 300. In turn, the cost of a rotavirus vaccine is about PLN 200-300 for one dose. In Poland, virtually all children (95% of the population) are vaccinated.