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About how I unwittingly offered a child a carcinogenic substance and could have caused a fire in the car

About how I unwittingly offered a child a carcinogenic substance and could have caused a fire in the car

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We learn all our lives. Most of us have eyes and ears open, we are sensitive to human harm. We do everything to keep our children safe. However, sometimes we overlook certain details ... and harm our children.

Do not leave water in the plastic bottle in the car

Loud social campaigns about the dangers of leaving a child in the car on a hot day have made many parents aware that this must not be done. Nevertheless, there are individual situations when pedestrians save children or animals trapped in a car.

Few people know, because little is said about that Do not leave objects, e.g. water bottles, in the hot car.


Because for the production of plastic bottles is usually used bisphenol - A, a carcinogenic component, which gets into the water under the influence of heat. This is not the only threat.

Higher temperature makes it Bacteria grow faster in water. It is better to take the bottle with you or drink the entire content before leaving the car.

This is also important for another reason.

Although it seems unbelievable, a bottle of water left on the seat can act as a lens. There are known cases when this way a fire resurrected in the car ... Don't you believe? See in the video below, where an employee of the American energy company Idaho Power warns against leaving a bottle of water in a hot car, because it can ignite the car!

And cosmetics also

Do not store cosmetics in a hot car in hot weather. A rapidly rising temperature can lead to changes in the formula and, as a consequence, creams or other preparations.

Unless otherwise stated on the packaging, it should be assumed that the cosmetic should be stored at room temperature.

I honestly admit I didn't know that. I think it's worth knowing what dangers await us on sunny, hot days. Let's make each other known!