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Teething amber

Teething amber

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Information that the amber necklace is to help teething aroused consternation in the editorial office. On the one hand, it was difficult not to admit that amber products are simply nice and that the child looks interesting with such an ornament, but on the other it was difficult to resist the impression that just putting such an ornament on the baby's neck is quite controversial, not to write dangerous. Of course, no one denies that amber has been used for centuries as a way to deal with many ailments, but to put on necklaces or amber bracelets or worse: to give a child an amber in the form of a teether is ... it seems too much.


Where did the idea come from?

On the market, amber for teething is used in two forms. As a necklace or bracelet closely matched to the child's build and as a longer necklace that is to act as a teether. In the latter case, the solution dates back to the 19th century, when children wearing amber around their necks could use it as a teether. A solution that was recommended a few hundred years ago today, strangely, also finds a large group of supporters who claim that:

  • amber relieves pain,
  • heals wounds,
  • has anti-inflammatory effect,
  • is to help with a runny nose, flu, cold,
  • heals colic
  • amber hung on the neck is supposed to emit natural ether compounds that eliminate pain and avoid the use of pharmacy teething preparations.
  • amber is to provide the body with valuable positive ions and electrons.

For example, the Ambra de Bimbi necklace and bracelet are recommended for children from three months to two years (the products of this producer creating products made of amber from the Baltic Sea were offered to us for testing, but the shipment did not reach the Editorial Office).

From the manufacturer's description: teether

Let's return to the "amber teether" mentioned above. This one is about 31 cm long. You can view it on the store's website The "amber castle" was created in such a way as not to hurt the baby's skin. Further we can read: "The string used is very durable, and between each stone there is a knot, co reduces the risk of child swallowing stones. Each pebble is sanded to do not tease delicate baby skin. " (underlines

The most interesting, however, is another passage: "Every parent on it's your responsibility to decide what age to wear the necklace for your child. Some parents prefer to do this as early as possible so that the child gets used to wearing the necklace and avoid being dragged by him later to get rid of it. Others prefer to wait until the child is bigger. In any case, Ekodzieciak is not responsible for the use of the necklace"(Underline This description suggests that using the amber necklace / teether is quite risky "fun". It is difficult to guarantee that a child biting (!) Such a necklace will not break the stone and will not choke. Not to mention that during sleep such a necklace can be a reason for suffocation ...

Photo from Ambra dei Bimbi

Necklace and bracelet

Ambra dei Bimbi works in a slightly different way. For these products, the necklace is short enough that the child could not put it in the mouth (cost about PLN 80). The bracelet is a hand-fitted ornament (cost around PLN 40).

The producer advertises with the slogans: "never sleepless nights again", "non-invasive teething method", "less drooling discomfort", "natural medicine". Is it working? It's hard to say ... As above: despite the proposal of cooperation and the desire to send the product for testing by two children, the package did not arrive. We also didn't receive an answer to our messages. That is why the way of acting and the effectiveness itself remains a mystery to us ...

And what do you say? Would you put on an amber bracelet for your children? Would you give this type of teether?