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The idea of ​​liquidating school libraries

The idea of ​​liquidating school libraries

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The plans and decisions made by the rulers prove that they have long ceased to be children, and many of them do not have a single pupil at school age in their immediate surroundings. Otherwise, it is difficult to comment and explain various regulations that are supposed to "make our lives easier".

One of them is the plan to liquidate school libraries. Bill assumes the possibility of taking over the role of school libraries by public libraries. Law experts point out that this creates legal consent for mass and thoughtless liquidation of school libraries.What does this mean in practice? Namely difficulty in enforcing the obligation to read school reading: the possibility of not receiving it from the public library collection, which will be used not only by children from one school, but several. The problem begins to be use of educational materials, for example, atlases during the lesson.

Lack of libraries at school is also a closed way to do homework in them and prepare for classes in the intervals between them. It is not possible to organize lessons in reading education. Inspiring children to read for pleasure becomes a problem. Of course, this "obligation" can be passed on to adults, but it is difficult because 55% of adults openly admit that they do not read books. Therefore, it is difficult to predict that they will take their toddlers and school children to the library after work, of their own free will.

Another possibility that the project assumes is next to the liquidation of the school library, connecting a public library to it. This idea is also hardly considered. It means that random people will be able to enter the school grounds and there will be no way to control who comes to the educational institution, when and for what purpose. In the era of monitoring, pre-paid electronic locks and ID badges at school is quite ... a surprising idea.

In addition, the combination of a school and public library will make them in the first one unnecessary collectionsand sometimes even unsuitable for young children.

If you are against the liquidation of school libraries, we encourage you to support an open letter to Minister Boni. You can do it here.

We are definitely NO! And the idea itself is another Parent KIT!