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Is the Large Family Card useful?

Is the Large Family Card useful?

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The beginnings of the Large Family Card (July 2014) were difficult. At the start, the program offered small families small discounts and in shops regarded as "expensive", you could also take advantage of discounts on non-essential goods, often considered luxurious. Today, after more than 1.5 years of the nationwide program, the situation looks better, but there is still a lot to do.

The Big Family Card today offers more tangible benefits. Here they are.

Big Family Card - for whom?

The Big Family Card is a discount system that parents with at least 3 children can use. It is available to families regardless of their income. The condition is to have at least 3 children aged:

  • up to 18 years old,
  • up to 25 years if the child is studying,
  • without age restrictions if children are moderately or severely disabled.

Foster families or people running a family orphanage can also apply for the card.

Card holders have the option of using lower prices in cultural centers and recreation centers, as well as lowering their bills for the purchase of books, textbooks, food, clothing, fuel. The card also reduces the cost of fees for banking and telecommunications services, train journeys and public transport.

Large Family Card - discounts that can be felt?

The Big Family Card program has about 10,000 places, submitted by thousands of companies and institutions operating throughout Poland and in selected regions. Examples of specific discounts:

  • in the Carrefour chain of stores - a 10% discount on products excluding cigarettes, fuel, telephone top-ups in the form of an e-voucher for subsequent purchases
  • Play - 5 SIM cards for the price of 3,
  • Praktiker - discount up to -10%
  • Orlen - 5 grosze per liter with standard fuel,
  • Alma - 5%
  • Vistula - 10% on the entire assortment
  • Crow - 10%

The Big Family Card is not enough

The Nadzieja dla Rodzin Foundation running the DuzaRodzina.pl website runs the campaign "Our new partners of the Big Family Card". Signatures are collected to encourage more stores to join the program. The list of grocery stores that would be welcome in the program includes, among others, Lidl. Biedronka, Auchan, PoloMarket, Kaufland. Signatures for the petition will be collected until March 20.

The current list of institutions that joined the program can be found here.

In addition to the nationwide Big Family Card, there are also cards valid in individual cities (local government large family cards).

Do you use the Big Family Card?


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