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How to improve a child's immunity in a natural way? 7 important rules

How to improve a child's immunity in a natural way? 7 important rules

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Natural methods to improve a child's immunity work by supporting the work of a small body in such a way that it does not interfere with the maturation process of the immune system. In addition, they focus on avoiding unnecessary threats, according to the principle prevention is better than cure.

Fresh air

Nowadays, as more and more attention is paid, too many parents give up walking when the weather deviates from the dream one. Meanwhile, the older the child, the more he can be outside even in unfavorable conditions.

It is recommended to take short walks with small children (of course properly dressed) in the cold, rain or on a windy day. Paradoxically, keeping kids just in case at home instead of helping, only interferes with shaping the body's immunity.

Research conducted in Denmark shows that children from kindergarten in the open air 80% less often than children kept in confines have a cold, angina, ear infections and other contagious diseases.

The climate change

If we have the opportunity, instead of going on vacation or a weekend on the plot, it is better to decide on a greater change of surroundings. The most favorable will be a trip to the sea or to the mountains, where our immune system and our child's system will be regenerated and motivated to work more intensively.

If an infection appears after soaking your feet in cool water, the toddler's body will cope with it faster. It will be a perfect training for children's immunity!

It is very important not to overheat children or dress too lightly during rest. The most practical will be "onions".

Reducing the amount of "bad" sugar in your diet

It is not without reason that attention is drawn to the dangerous trend of increasing the amount of sugar in the child's diet. Too much sugar in the blood causes the pancreas to work more intensively, secreting more insulin. It does not always manage this process well enough, which in turn has a direct impact on suppressing the secretion of growth hormone, which directly affects the functioning of the immune system.

Supplying too much refined sugars makes it thick, unhealthy mucus is formed on the mucous membranes, which cannot clean the mucous membranes from microbes, allergens and impurities, and at the same time is a threat, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

For this reason, doctors also notice correlation between high intake of refined sugars and occurrence of respiratory tract infections, chronic otitis media. The consequence of what is the administration of antibiotics, which often facilitates the expansion of fungi.

Similarly to excess sugar in the child's diet, excess meat acts, disrupting the acid-base balance, which promotes frequent infection. That is why it is so important to use a varied menu, introducing large amounts of fruit and vegetables to your child's diet.

Frequent airing

If we want children to grow up well and get sick less, we should often ventilate the apartment. While in the spring and summer we open the window often, in the winter and autumn we tend to take care of warmth and less often we decide on airing.

Meanwhile Fresh and clean air at home is very important all year round and 24 hours a day, not just before falling asleep. Children raised in "greenhouse conditions", overheated, are more susceptible to infection in the event of a sudden change in temperature (eg when using a means of transport), draft, etc.