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Lovi non-spill mug

Lovi non-spill mug

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This is the worst non-spill cup we've ever tested. Designed for children over a year, it is constructed in such a way that drinking is difficult even for adults, not to mention two years old. Apart from the attractive appearance, comfortable handles and good price, there are no major advantages.

Due to the fact that the daughter drinks from non-spill from the sixth month of life, we have considerable insight into the proposals of individual producers. A review article about non-spill cups can be found here. At this point I would like to focus on a Lovi non-spill cup for children over 12 months. This mug, which is not fundamentally different, comes in two versions for children over 6 months and 12 months. For us, a cup for older children was to serve as a container for feeding milk at bedtime. Daughter drinks water, lenses and teas from a cup with a straw.

What was our surprise when it turned out that the child drinking all the drink from other cups, from the Lovi mug stopped drinking after a few sips. Everything became understandable to us when both my husband and I decided to try to drink from this cup ourselves. It wasn't the easiest ...

Perhaps a child accustomed to the Lovi non-spill cup from the beginning may not protest and accept the need for "hard pulling". However, rather more likely, as also indicated in the forum statements, is that the toddler will quickly give up the use of this cup and parents disappointed with this product will decide on a different one.

The Lovi mug also has advantages: we were convinced by what we see: interesting design (several colors to choose from, also so-called universal), handles, stopper with scale in which you can give a drink to a senior citizen. However, the disadvantages are definitely more ... The downside for the lack of graduation on the bottle, the strange cup closing system, which is to make a non-spill cap, and for the strength that needs to be put in to make a child drink from a cup. All this means that the product is not recommendable! It is better to use the 20 zlotys that you have to spend on a Lovi mug in a different way.