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A healthy and clean child? Make them love hygiene and care!

A healthy and clean child? Make them love hygiene and care!

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You wonder how to teach your little one good hygiene habits? When to start, how to do it, what to avoid? Thanks to a few simple rules and practical gadgets, you can make bathing or brushing your teeth not a disliked duty, but something pleasant and natural.

Let's start with some important issues. First - exaggeration is never good. You don't have to run after your child with antibacterial wipes and clean his hands or toys every now and then. Secondly - the example goes from above. If parents and other adults around the child will wash their hands always after using the toilet or after playing with the dog, it will be easier for a small person to learn these hygienic principles. Thirdly - don't give conflicting signals. If you care about your child's natural and healthy approach to cleanliness, then suddenly do not organize a "bathing day" or make fun of someone in your family who is overly clean.

Do you understand these basic principles and their far-reaching impact on your child's emerging habits? We hope so! So it's time for the specifics.

When to start learning hygiene?

As soon as the baby appears in the world! Of course, the first months are more amazing and preparing parents for the role of a nursing teacher. However, already half a year, the toddler is able to remember many behaviors and habits, combine into simple cause-and-effect sequences (after changing the diaper, the parent washes his hands) and repeat them. It is during this period that we should pass good practices at maximum speed. And never stop again!

Washing - something joyful, but it's not fun

From the first days of the child's life, make sure that hygiene procedures do not cause him negative emotions, fear, uncertainty or physical discomfort (eye irritation with foam, choking with water). Over time, the care method will change, but the general principles will remain the same. It is worth from the very beginning to be aware of how the course of bathroom rituals will affect the instillation of hygiene rules for a small person. To interest and positively tune your child before and during washing, you can help with care products and accessories from lines directed specifically for children. The toddler will be delighted when in the bathtub waiting for him a bath gel in a package imitating his favorite Peppa Pig or a captivating chicken. The possibilities are really huge! However, it is important not to overdo it with a fun representation of the body washing process. Don't make the child sit in the water and immerse more toys in it, and you do the washing. The issue of hygiene is a serious matter and it is worth presenting it in such a way that the boy would recognize these "strange activities" as something natural. Then it will be easy for him to develop the habit and treat the care as one of the many activities in force in the world of small and large.

Pay attention to the following brands: Air-Val International (shower gel, soaps and shampoos in funny packaging), Pharmaceris (cleaning products from the first day of the child's life), Nacomi (baby and mother's skin care), Make Me Bio (natural washing substances ).

Imitation, copying, inspiration

Positive connotations with hygienic procedures are one thing. The second and probably even more important factor supporting the creation of good habits is showing the right pattern. Yes, young children are the perfect reflection of parents in the matter of care.

Do you teach to wash your hands after each walk, and do you forget about it when you come back from shopping? Do you recommend brushing your teeth three times a day, which happens very sporadically? Unfortunately, such examples will not make you raise a man with well-established and healthy habits. All household members should stick to the rules that are imposed on the youngest family member.

Washing your hands after using the toilet, after playing, before meals are the basics! Did you know that you need to get rid of most bacteria properly? minimum 20 seconds of thoroughly rubbing your hand using a foaming substance? You can tell such tidbits to your child and scrub his hands with him longer than most people (who does it for about 6-7 seconds).

Or diarrhea or angina often affect your family? Remember that proper and frequent hand washing reduces the incidence of these diseases by almost half! Dive into the topic of hygiene in general (not because of the child), and you may find that your information is not complete. In this case, it is worth supplementing them as soon as possible to be a source of good examples for your child.

Regularity and permanent times of bathroom rituals this is also an important issue. Don't allow the bathing to be delayed because of the interesting movie on the TV, the baby's carefree fun or guest visits. Routine is the foundation in building lasting behavior in children.

Fast and cheap shopping for busy parents

Do you want to give your branch funny cosmetics that will make you smile every time you wash your body or hands? Specifics for both infants (delicate, non-allergenic and without chemicals), as well as those for older tots you will easily find in the cosmetics store. You can also attach something to your order - body, face or hair care products, makeup products or beauty accessories. You won't pay a penny for the delivery, and the package will be delivered to you within a maximum of two business days. Save time and money! Online shopping is the perfect solution for busy parents. Check!

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