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Less chemistry at home? It is possible! Start with your beautician

Less chemistry at home? It is possible! Start with your beautician

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Artificial, synthetic and improved formulas products are the bane of modern times. You know very well that stuffed with chemical additives are not neutral to our health, and especially to the newborn and sensitive baby. So maybe it's worth - for the sake of your and your child's well-being - to eliminate chemical cosmetic products and replace them with natural ones based on plant extracts and extracts?

The period of pregnancy and the appearance of a new family member make us wonder about the impact of previously used cosmetics on our health. Waxing, hair dyeing, nail painting? Suddenly you find that these innocent and appearance-enhancing activities affect the fetus badly or increase the risk of varicose veins on your body. Or maybe you use creams with vitamin A? It's also very risky! How do you get it all and don't go crazy by the way? Do you throw away all cosmetics and cleaning products and replace them with gray soap, baking soda and vinegar?

You don't have to be that radical. First of all, pay attention to the daily used specifics (including hand soap, shampoo, face toner) and check if their composition is even a little understandable for you. If after the word "Ingredients" you do not see any words you know, it is a sign that it is time to replace these chemical articles with something more natural and healthier. Pay attention to the following, maybe still unknown to you brands, and be sure that the substances contained in their articles do not negatively affect your body or the baby you touch, kiss and keep all your time around your body.

Dr. Hauschka

This is our hit! You probably haven't heard of this German brand yet, so catch up as soon as possible. Dr. Hauschka creates cosmetics simply filled with natural extracts and extracts. As soon as you look at their composition you will understand what we mean. In the example face cream you will find water, oils (jojoba, avocado, peanuts, sweet almonds), shea butter and mango, and extracts and plant extracts (including meridian, white poppy, rose petals). So many natural ingredients in one tube? It is possible! The brand is based on a unique method of obtaining plant extracts - the rhythmization process. The whole concept of the company is based on the desire to restore the internal balance to the whole body using both medicinal plants and natural substances. Gentle formula and active cosmetics Dr. Hauschka are an alternative to products filled with artificial fillers for daily care. The assortment of the brand includes, for example: masks (soothing, revitalizing), day and night creams (from quince, lemon balm), as well as hand, eye and serum creams.


Get to know the Polish brand better Resibo. Her products combine modernity with naturalness and harmony. The high effectiveness of face and body preparations goes hand in hand with organic ingredients and sustainable production. Selected raw materials are transformed so that they are safe for human skin. Each article contains over 96% of natural ingredients! The Resibo range includes only a dozen or so products, which means that each of them is refined to the smallest detail, including a very thoughtful composition. In the specifics of the brand you will find, for example orange water, pumpkin seed extract, damask rose water, sage leaf extract, Abyssinian oil or yellow mustard seed extract. Organic, selected and healthy - these are the substances hidden in elegant packaging. Resibo products are also an ideal idea for a gift - sets of several specifics in a beautiful box (and even in a wooden box) will please every lover of natural cosmetics and a fan of aesthetic gadgets.


Evrée is a relatively young Polish brand that has already gained recognition on our cosmetics market. Behind her success is a holistic approach to body care. Without artificial components, but with a huge dose of love, understanding and health. The brand stays away from artificial components (among others, in the composition of their preparations you will not see mineral oils, paraffin, artificial dyes, parabens), and instead cosmetics are full of minerals, vitamins, vegetable oils and natural waxes. Substances that can be found in neat, multi-colored packaging are for example: Neroli flower extract, rose water, black rose extract, perilla oil. Evrée has a wide range of cleansing, moisturizing, regenerating and slimming products. Thanks to them you can take care of your face, body, hands, feet and lips. Natural, healthy and effective!

Care during pregnancy? All necessary products always in one place

You've decided to change yours cosmetics for those without chemical and artificial boosters? In that case, visit the drugstore. There you will find a whole separate category with specifics based on plant extracts and extracts. Thanks to them, body, face and hair care will be easy, safe and pleasant. No irritation, no allergies or nauseous odors. Ordering goods is instant and really intuitive, and you won't have to wait for more than two business days for purchased items. And what's important - you won't pay a penny for delivering the package! So take the time to relax and unwind instead of running after shops for hard-to-reach products. Everything in one place, at a reasonable price and often with super gratis? This is what you can expect from Let yourself be pampered, you deserve it!

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