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Pregnant baby doll

Pregnant baby doll

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The pregnant Barbie doll was unbearable. In the end, the tummy was imitated, after all, unusual in terms of dimensions and non-existent in reality, but still "adult". In the case of this toy, its originator breaks all barriers and creates a baby born doll ... pregnant. In a double pregnancy! I suggest a toy for the upcoming holidays. Already today, however, foreign media have found this idea very controversial. It is hard to disagree with commonly repeated opinions.

The doll was created by artist Daren Cullen. The doll is dressed in a diaper, has three bottles of milk for each generation (differing in size) and a "warm towel". The doll has stretch marks on its stomach, in the eyes of "whims", inside it there is a "fetus" who ... is also pregnant. The idea of ​​the creator of this toy is "to train children from the very beginning to the role they have to fulfill." As if contrary to what many governments are trying to do, protecting and educating young people, trying to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancies.

The toy is expected to reach the North Contemporary Art Gallery in Sunderland and be available from October 26 to January 12, 2013.

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