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Toothpaste for a child: how to choose?

Toothpaste for a child: how to choose?

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Toothpaste is a basic hygiene measure. As important as soap or bath foam. As dentists emphasize: on the one hand, it is a cleaning (nurturing) agent, but on the other, it is already therapeutic, which is to perform important functions protecting and protecting teeth against caries. Unfortunately, the choice of toothpastes is so wide that it is difficult to decide on one of them when they all seem similar.

What to follow? Brand, price, packaging? Meanwhile, there are certain criteria that should be met by the measure for children. A good paste is to have, above all, a good taste and the right color, which on the one hand encourages brushing and, on the other hand, allows you to reduce the time of brushing your teeth.

What functions should the paste fulfill?

Dentists are sounding the alarm. More and more preschoolers have tooth decay. Only proper dental care can reverse this negative trend. The implementation of healthy habits should take place from birth, and especially when we start to use children's toothpaste, which is sometimes from the age of six months (time depends on individual characteristics affecting the speed of tooth eruption).

The paste should above all:

  • purified,
  • inhibit bacterial growth,
  • strengthen the enamel surface,
  • have a positive effect on the gums,
  • protect the enamel surface from acids,
  • protect against caries,
  • have the right flavor (e.g. strawberry, raspberry) aroma and color.

How do toothpastes work?

The operation of most toothpastes is not fundamentally different. The basic operation is the same as the composition. Toothpaste contains abrasive and polishing agents, foaming agents, gelling agents, anti-drying agents, flavors, bacteriostatic agents, whitening agents.

What about this fluoride?

Fluoride is the most important and at the same time the basic ingredient contained in toothpastes. It works by forming fluoroapatite, which is very resistant to the effects of caries. With it, you can protect your teeth from caries.

The latest research proves that fluoride builds up in the enamel of a person using fluoride pastes of all ages. It also brings very important benefits to children! Thanks to it, teeth become healthier and stronger. More resistant to fluctuations in the pH of saliva, which undergoes numerous changes during the day after meals and allows to maintain the enamel in better condition.

Toothpaste for babies

The first toothpaste that can be used around the age of six months should be a fluoride-free toothpaste. At this early stage, Nenedent Baby paste is recommended (for children from 6 to 24 months of age, around 23 zlotys), ROCS Baby (for children from 0-3 years, around 22 zlotys), BioRepair (for children under 7 years of age, around 10 zlotys).

Toothpaste for a two-year-old

When the child is two years old and is able to spit out (if he is not able to spit out, the amount of paste used should be less than pea and used occasionally), it is recommended to use a paste with fluoride, but at a low concentration (250-500 ppm). These conditions are fulfilled by Elmex-paste for children 500 ppm (for children from 1 to 6 years of age, about PLN 13), Aquafresh kids 500 pppm (about PLN 6), Colgate smiles 500 pppm (about PLN 9), Oral-B Stages - 500 ppm (about 10 zlotys), Lacalut Kinder 500 ppm, Vademecum junior - 500 ppm (about 11 zlotys), Gum Butler Kids -500ppm (about 6 zlotys), ELGYDIUM Kids-250 ppm (about 11 zlotys), KIN Fluor-Kin Calcium anticaries strawberry paste for children 75ml-224ppm (about 19 zlotys), Boiron Homeodent (Homeodent 2), gel for children, 2 - 6 years (about 16 zlotys). These pastes can be used in children up to four years old.

Pasta for children from 5 to 7 years old

For children in early school age choose a paste that has about 1000 ppm, i.e. Gum Junior paste for children 7-12 years old with orange flavor 50 ml (about 12 zlotys), Elgydium Junior (about 9 zlotys), Gum Junior (about 13 zlotys) ).

Pastes for children over 8 years old

Children over 8 years of age can use adult pastes with fluoride above 1000 pppm up to 1400 ppm. This fluorine content is available in pastes typically for children: Elmex junior 1400 ppm (about 16 zlotys), Sensodyne Pro Enamel 1450 pppm (16 zlotys) and Signal junior (9 zlotys).

And how do you care for your children's teeth?

Consultation: Ewa Brzuza. Dental hygienist from the office of Mr. Krokodyl and MA Izabela Glaza.


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