Contest results

Competition results: top October commentator and "win a mini session"

Competition results: top October commentator and "win a mini session"

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Dear parents, another month of creating the portal for you has passed at a rapid pace. That is why we are convinced that the best prize in subsequent competitions would be "more time for parents", what do you say? ;) And so, from the "to meet" category, we have already prepared prizes for you for the November competition. However, before we announce the next game, we hurry to inform you about the results of two competitions: top commentator in October and "win a mini session".

Let's start with our favorite competition "top commentator". This month we would like to highlight:

  • OlkęG, who left the most comments on the page. We are pleased to once again distinguish our regular Reader. We send: hand-made purse for the little girl and hand-made keychain. Congratulations!
  • GOO - for the most interesting comments, to which we send a handmade sheep and a key ring. Congratulations too!

In the competition "Win a mini session" Mrs. Marzena Burchardt joined our jury. Together, we managed, though not without trouble, to select the winning photo that she sent to the address of the editor Agnieszka Tyc. Congratulations!!!

Photo sent by Mr A. Tyc