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What to do in autumn? 7 ideas for the whole family

What to do in autumn? 7 ideas for the whole family

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In the summer we spend a lot of time outdoors. When autumn comes and it gets colder, it gets harder. Many parents are afraid of colds or more serious illness. Sometimes we think that walking when it rains or blows is pointless. Meanwhile, experts point out that there is no bad weather, only bad attire. And everyday time in the fresh air has a positive effect on children's development, well-being and immunity.

What activities are worth planning in the fall?

Professional shuffling leaves

Kids are experts at shuffling leaves. Instead of getting annoyed that they can't raise their feet and "walk normally", maybe they can organize the competition better, who will shuffle louder or longer?

Running on the leaves, scattering them and having fun when the leaves fall like raindrops can be a very creative experience. Finally, create a maze of leaves and cover the slide with leaves to leave it in a crazy style.

Collecting leaves, chestnuts, acorns ...

When we shuffle enough and get tired a bit, we can calm down a little, looking for real treasures under our feet. The leaves can be so beautiful and colorful, they have different shapes and sizes. At home, you can create hedgehogs, mice, hands, trees and many more by gluing them to the page and painting, decorating, drawing various elements. And when you get bored with artistic works of paper, create colorful bouquets of leaves together.

Of course, you can add chestnuts to the leaf collection, not necessarily harvested under the trees. Just try shaking the branch to get a chestnut in its shell.

And after chestnuts, of course, time will come for acorns, which you and your child can take to the zoo, they will serve as a tasty delicacy for wild boars.

And the flagship point - preparation of traditional men from autumn gifts :)

Rowan corals

One of the traditional autumn games, ideal for several-year-olds, because it develops small motor skills, and it is extremely pleasant.

Jumping over puddles

If you are a mom like me who does not have wellies and remembers playing puddles from childhood, be sure to change it! I have already ordered rubber boots for me and I intend to take advantage of the first better opportunity to get the biggest "lake" next to our house. Are you ready for the challenge? Who will jump over the larger puddle?

A walk in the woods

For some children it is almost daily bread, for others an unusual experience. I am talking about a walk in the woods. It is worth taking your child at least once to the forest this fall, not necessarily for mushrooms, but to feel the amazing atmosphere quite different from the one that accompanies us in a crowded city. And to understand why it's worth being quiet in the woods ... :)

Make a fire

I know dangerously. A lot of trouble with it ... but these "obstacles" can be easily bypassed by choosing a good place for a bonfire.

Nothing tastes like bread or sausages heated in a fire (or baked potatoes!) And nothing connects like singing to the sounds of a guitar on a long autumn evening. Great fun for big and small!

Buy a big pumpkin and bake a pumpkin pie together

Choosing a pumpkin in the store together is already great fun, and when you add cooking with your daughter or little son - you are guaranteed a perfectly spent time. You can prepare a cream soup from a pumpkin, but baking pumpkin pie will definitely be more enthusiastic. In a few moments you can create a healthy and tasty afternoon tea! Sense of satisfaction that you worked with your child - guaranteed!

After cutting the pumpkin, the toddler can clean the interior of seeds, it's super sensory fun. After removing all, the seeds can be removed and later eaten using the richness of fatty acids and B vitamins. In addition, the inside of the pumpkin has a great consistency, a little wet, lingering, which is very enthusiastically adopted by the youngest while being in the kitchen and dirtying handles. :)

And when you have your home-made pumpkin pie, maybe a trip to a pumpkin farm? Finally, I suggest joint preparation of pumpkin decorations perfect for a porch or balcony.

Autumn is beautiful! Spend it creatively with your child!