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Family benefit 2018 - everything that every parent should know about him

Family benefit 2018 - everything that every parent should know about him

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Family benefit 2018 is a benefit paid by the state, whose task is to partially cover the expenses incurred by parents for the maintenance of the child or children. The benefit is paid in monthly installments. Benefit period for which the benefit is granted, It currently runs from November 1 to October 31, 2018.
What is the amount of benefit and supplements to it, who can apply for family allowance in 2018, what is the current income criterion? and what if it is slightly exceeded?

Who can apply for family allowance in 2018?

The following persons are entitled to family allowance, together with related allowances:

  • parents of the child,
  • one of the parents of the child,
  • the actual guardian who oversees the child,
  • child's legal guardian,
  • a person continuing education (i.e. an adult child whose parents are dead or whose court has obliged to pay maintenance for him).

Income criterion - how much can you earn to be able to apply for family allowance 2018?

The main condition for granting child benefit is the income criterion. This means that the institution deciding whether to grant the benefit takes into account income per family member. How to calculate it?

The easiest way is to sum up the income achieved by all people living in one household, and then divide it by the number of people. If the obtained result will be less than or equal to PLN 674 per person This means that we have the right to receive child benefit. Parents in whose household he lives a child with a valid disability certificate, they will in turn retain the right to unemployment benefit income equal to or lower than PLN 764.

Attention! Family benefit 2018 is related to the principle "PLN for PLN". This means that if your family slightly exceeds the current income threshold, they will not automatically be deprived of their entitlement to benefits. Her benefit will only be reduced by the amount by which the current income threshold has been exceeded.

Family allowance 2018 and its amount (without supplements)

In the current benefit period, which began on November 1, 2017, the amount of family benefit currently in force depends on the age of the child. And so, in 2018, parents will receive a benefit of:

  • 95 PLN - for a child up to 5 years old,
  • 124 PLN - for a child who is at least 5 years old but is not yet 18 years old,
  • 135 PLN - for a child aged 18 to 24 (continuing education).

Supplements to child benefit

The amounts listed above are not everything when it comes to family allowance 2018. For the allowance there are so-called additives, whose presence means that the amount paid every month is much higher. What supplements to child benefit can we count on in 2018?

  • Childbirth supplement;
  • Childcare allowance when taking parental leave;
  • Supplement for raising a child alone;
  • Supplement for raising a child in a large family;
  • Supplement for the rehabilitation and education of a disabled child;
  • Supplement for the start of the school year (for children learning);
  • Supplement for taking up education by a child outside his place of residence.

Where and when can I apply for family allowance in 2018?

We can apply for family allowance 2018 both via the Internet and in person, at the city or commune office of our place of residence. The application may be submitted at any time, but not earlier than on the day the child is born or the day the child is taken care of or adopted.
The benefit, if the application is approved, will be paid from the month in which the complete application was submitted and will be paid until October 31, 2018 After this period has expired, the application will have to be re-submitted so that you can retain the right to child benefit in the next benefit period.