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Little Tikes music snail

Little Tikes music snail

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The only advantage of this toy is a solid performance and cheerful, pleasant to the eye colors. In addition, it is difficult to mention any plus. The list of flaws is long and varied. This makes the toy not happy, but ... collects dust on the children's shelf.

Conflicting information

First, conflicting information. On the front of the packaging, the manufacturer informs that the toy has been designed for children for a year, while on the reverse with a small print that children can play with it after one and a half years.

Low stability

The musical snail was designed in such a way that it has plastic rings and a very short string to be used for guiding. While designing a short string can be explained in terms of safety, poor balancing of the toy is no longer an excuse. Even the breakneck attempts to lead a snail using a short string end in overturning the toy.

A drum that does not drum

The basic part of the toy consists of two parts: cymbal and drum. First about the second one. Hitting him gives deaf noises, barely audible. Of course, the average parent does not require a loud toy sound, but for the sound to be quieter than a slight hitting the window sill ... it is already disappointing.


Another minus is cymbals. They consist of only four boxes, and the playing sticks attached to them are very short and attached to an equally short string, which makes using them for the average two-year-old a problem, not to mention younger children.

In addition, setting the area with cymbals on top causes the toy to tip over. The child quickly gets discouraged and does not want to play with it, because it does not work well when playing or pulling on the floor ...