Learning to write and count from Czuczu

Learning to write and count from Czuczu

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Czuczu is educational games and activities for children. Individual proposals packed in characteristic colored cardboard boxes with paper handles can be purchased directly from the manufacturer on the website or in the popular Rossmann drugstore chain. This time we would like to take a look at the proposals for three-year-olds and facilitating learning to write and read. We test "I know letters" and "I know numbers" Czuczu.

I know letters

The package contains 64 illustrations in the form of 32 cards 15 cm by 10 cm. They are thick enough not to be damaged during play, but at the same time flexible, so that their use is comfortable. First there are cards with individual letters. On one side there are letters with arrows with the direction of the line by the child. On the reverse there is a repeated letter with a drawing and the word beginning with the letter. At the end of the alphabet there are cards devoted to Polish letters and a few more without unnecessary drawings devoted to simple popular words: dog, car, chicken, etc.

In addition to the cards, the packaging also includes a marker pen and a convenient cloth to wipe what the child wrote. Unfortunately, the advantage of infinite writing and abrasion also has a disadvantage. A child writing with his left hand may have difficulty using cards because of erasing the letters he writes.

In our opinion, the price of PLN 35 is quite high. Reduced to PLN 25 would be much more attractive.

Let's summarize:

I know letters sosrodzice

I know numbers

I know numbers is the second similar proposal from Czuczu. This time, the packaging contains cards showing individual numbers. The countdown starts from 1 and counts to 10. On one side there is traditionally a number with a traced pattern on the other animals, items reflecting a specific number. Other cards are interesting tasks. In our opinion, much more interesting than simple mapping of words from the first packaging.

Examples of tasks include: Drawing Ali freckles in the amount that was marked on a special field by the parent or drawing Christmas balls, counting apples lying on the market stall, drawing a squirrel nut, counting how many fish swim in the ocean.

A set much more colorful and varied in terms of the tasks set before the child than the above (I know the letters).

Overall rating

I know letters sosrodzice

Czuczu toys are a good way to learn to write and learn letters, practice precision and coordination of movements, develop thinking and matching skills, exercises of perceptiveness and concentration.