General secondary schools are a thing of the past!

General secondary schools are a thing of the past!

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Legislators are preparing another revolution for us. From September, young people in high schools will have less Polish, history, geography, biology and chemistry lessons. They will be replaced by more 'specialized' subjects - health and beauty classes. The reform will change general high schools, in the shape they exist today, into more directional schools. At least in theory ...

At 15, the child has to decide. Choosing whether he wants to be a humanist, engineer or economist. This is fast, given that often high school graduates just before the secondary school-leaving exam have no idea what they want to do in life and change the subject taken at the final exams. Thus, the consequence will be a limitation of general knowledge in those subjects that will not be indicated by the student and will not be in his / her field of interest. For example, instead of 150 hours of history, a high school student will have only 60 hours of this subject. If, of course, he decides that he no longer wants to explore history.

Each student for specialized subjects will pay two hours of Polish per week, three hours of history, two or three biology, physics or chemistry, two geographies, one knowledge of society, one computer science. The existing subjects will replace blocks, for example natural or historical and social ones.

In the first year of high school, students will continue to study general subjects and spend the next two years acquiring more specialized knowledge.

The reform, which will enter into force in September, was modeled on the Anglo-Saxon model.

And what do you say?