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The first bra for a girl - when?

The first bra for a girl - when?

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Each child develops at his own pace. This applies to both height, weight and the rate of puberty. Children not only observe these changes, but also compare how they look to how their peers grow up. In the case of girls, a lot of emotions arouse in the development of the bust and the associated dilemma - when was the first bra for a girl?

First bra for a girl? Difficult beginnings

To wear a bra you have to get used to it. For girls who previously did not need this item of clothing, it can be difficult in many ways. What more sensitive girls they may be ashamed of the changes taking place in their body, especially when "peers outrun" in this respect. Standing out can be a cause of stress and embarrassment. The effect of what it is slouching, trying to hide under larger blouses.

The parent's role is to accompany the girl in difficult times and talk about all disturbing changes. It is very important to the topic approach gently, do not make fun of the child's doubts, do not underestimate them. On the contrary, treat your daughter with great empathy and respect so that joint purchases of the first bra will be pleasant and trouble-free.

Above all, conversation

Buying your first bra can be a difficult time for your daughter. Use this time to tell about how and when you started wearing bras. Share your experiences. You can also gently suggest that the behavior of peer boys can be difficult. Together, devise a plan for dealing with and responding to harassment. Talk about the fact that breasts can be different, larger, smaller, not necessarily symmetrical and of exactly the same size, that the breasts change during monthly cycles. Make sure your daughter knows she can count on you if she has any questions.

What first bra for a girl?

The girl's first bra is most often chosen sport models, flexible, comfortable to wear and non-pressure, which cover what we want to hide from the eyes of other people (e.g. scratching nipples), and are comfortable and universal enough that they do not cause discomfort when worn. First model should be free of underwires and stiffeners.

The so-called classic models with clearly outlined cups are recommended for older girls. Even "0" size models may not be accepted at first. It's worth talking to your daughter and just trying on lingerie in the store, let her decide what she feels better at.

The first bra for a girl is especially important for girls who already have a larger bust and those who complain that it is too small compared to their peers.

When was the first bra for a girl?

Generally, more time comes for a girl's first bra in the 3-4th grade of primary school. This is the time when most girls start wearing top underwear.

It also happens that a sports bra want wear 7-8 years old. Usually in the form of fun and not with real needs. If we do not see any obstacles, it is worth allowing the child.

When is the right time to buy your first bra? There can be several answers: