Name after grandparents / great grandparents? A beautiful tradition?

Name after grandparents / great grandparents? A beautiful tradition?

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Carrying a name after ancestor a few hundred years ago it was an important tradition from which there were no exceptions. Few wondered whether the name liked or not, whether it suited the newborn or not necessarily. It was known that a child would be born after his grandmother or grandfather. With time, loved ones were honored in this way, giving a second name after the ancestor, and the first - chosen by their parents. And how is it today?

Is it worth giving a child a name after grandparents? Argument for yes

It is worth giving your child an ancestor's name because:

  • it's a beautiful tradition
  • allows you to distinguish grandma or grandpa,
  • underlines the value of family ties,
  • grandparents often have classic, sometimes forgotten names that will make a child stand out,
  • in this "magical way" you can slightly transfer to the child the good qualities of ancestors - of course this is wishful thinking, has little to do with reality, but it is impossible to deny him the rightness,
  • many people believe that giving a name to their deceased ancestor allows for "additional protection for the child", providing him with special support.

Is it worth giving a child a name after grandparents? Arguments for them

  • the name should match the child, not always the one grandmother or grandfather bears is appropriate,
  • often grandparents have "old" names that may not be a good idea for their child,

Sometimes the compromise practiced in many families is the adoption of the first name chosen by the parents and the second after ancestor - grandmother or grandfather. It is not uncommon for girls to be named after "grandparents" (eg Emilka from Emil), it happens to combine two names from two ancestors - Krystian (grandmother - Krystyna, grandfather - Jan).

And you, what do you think about it? Ancestry name is a good idea?