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300 zlotys for each child - what is the new program?

300 zlotys for each child - what is the new program?

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300 zlotys for each child or layette for each school-age child is a preview of a new government program known as "Good Start". The money is to be transferred to parents of children attending primary and secondary school up to the age of 20. Every applicant is to get PLN 300, income criterion will not be taken into account.

300 zlotys for each child - who is it for?

PLN 300 is to be paid once for:

  • primary and secondary school students up to the age of 20,
  • for learners with disabilities up to the age of 24,
  • for pupils who are 20 or 24 years old, provided that they start education in the coming school year.

300 zlotys is to help parents buy a layette - a backpack, stationery, notebooks. Primary and junior high school students are still to receive free textbooks.

When can I submit applications for PLN 300 for each child?

You can apply for PLN 300 for each child:

  • from July 1 in electronic form on the Emp @ tia information and service portal ( and through domestic banks.
  • from August 1 in traditional form, applications will be accepted in the relevant municipalities.

The deadline for submitting applications for PLN 300 layette is November 30.


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