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Zezia and Giler

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I am convinced that the appearance of Zezia and Giler on book shelves would not have attracted so much interest if its author was a novice writer. In an era of ongoing crisis, even celebrities reach for the pens or use the services of people who on their behalf will release the works of dubious literary value to the publishing market. The reasons for the above behavior are several from the most prosaic, which relates to the repayment of credit unavailable to ordinary bread eaters, to save a dying career. However, I think that in the case of Agnieszka Chylińska the case is different.

Today the real Chylińska is no more

She conquered the hearts of rebellious peers, surprised many of the beak with impudent honesty, and captured critics with strong texts that flowed from her lips in the form of songs became universal manifestos. All of Poland sang along with a rough tomboy "When I told myself enough" and the chorus of "Beloved". The turning point in the career and personal life of the former singer O.N.A turned out to be the birth of the first child, son - Ryszard. At that time, not only the artist's image changed, but above all the music she signaled with her name. Agnieszka's fans rubbed their eyes in amazement when she recorded the album, kept in a climate bordering dance and popular music, sat on the jury of a well-known program on a commercial television station, got pregnant again and became a platinum woman from a dark brunette. However, this did not change her image, but her literary debut caused the most controversy. Is that right

My name is Chylińska, Agnieszka Chylińska

I wonder how many publishing houses have successfully sent Chylińska, who decided to publish her first book. The very fact that the recipients of the reading, which became loud before it went on sale, were to be particularly children, deserves attention. After all, she could have enchanted us with her autobiography, which would surely include some interesting threads, or another guide like "How to be an alluring mother of two rascals and survive the next pregnancy?", Or ultimately promote a healthy lifestyle with exercises that make you attractive looks. Chylińska did not use the above options. She threw herself into deep water, which is children's literature. Hitting the tastes of the youngest consumers and their parents is not something that has not been used so far. Because Madonna herself committed the fairy tale English roses almost a decade ago. A fairy tale Aida and Kasia Klich may serve as a non-book example. They changed their previous profession or repertoire and started composing songs for children.

Zezia and Giler

I read the short story of the Zeziki family in one breath. At first, even my two-year-old daughter got interested in her. One-color drawings especially liked her. The world seen from the perspective of a resolute eight-year-old who can not hide anything from the ubiquitous narrator, at times is charmingly naive, at other times incredibly complicated, typical of adult reality. Multithreading does not overwhelm the reader in any way, it even makes reading more interesting with every card. Thanks to the mundane silhouettes of the characters, even the youngest reader has the chance to either identify with someone or find someone among their loved ones who would suit a fictional character. The number of heroes, the diversity of their personalities and problems even provokes the creation of interesting situations.

As you can guess, Zezia and Giler are siblings, and they don't owe their nicknames to chance. Zuzia's younger brother - a five-year-old Czarek, is an autistic child. Because of his illness, he meets with misunderstanding on the part of his peers, he is the object of mockery and nasty jokes. However, she can always count on her older sister, who, although she does not understand his otherness, fully accepts her and unconditionally loves Giler.

Zezia is not a typical, contemporary eight-year-old. Her interests are not ipad, computers, internet or virtual games. The first-born child of the Zezik family feels respect for his parents, fulfills his duties, cares for a pet, spends his free time with a friend. However, there is something that sets her apart from today's youth. Zuzia uses her imagination in almost every situation. He can create the surrounding reality in such a way that even the most boring occupation, homework becomes an amazing undertaking. Zezia is also an excellent observer. He skilfully associates facts, tries to correctly interpret adult behavior, sense their mood, and learn the problems they have to face. She is open to the world, not afraid of challenges. He treats every man with respect, but above all he is still a child, a trusting, honest and good young man.

Mr. and Mrs. Zezik form a pair in which the roles are distributed rather unusually for clichés, book patterns. For the mother of Zezia and Gilera is the main breadwinner, a well-kept employee of a bank, on whose shoulders there is the responsibility to provide financial resources and a sense of security that goes with them. The father of the protagonists of the title is an artist detached from reality, a blue bird, a sculptor swinging in the clouds, most of the time supporting his wife. Between these two, there are various scys that underlie issues related to raising children, maintaining order at home, family life, and finances.

Tattoos attached to the book

Impressions of the reader

What can readers of Zezi and Gilera count on? The advantage of the book is the accessible language of the narrator and the character, far from luscious diminutives, in which, apart from words complicated for children, explanations dispelling all uncertainty appear. Also important are problems that affect individual characters. Zezia has to face not only her brother's illness, her first school love, children's fears and dreams, but also the conflict between her mother and aunt, homelessness of people sleeping in a nearby park, caring for a beloved pet - the cat "Idzstdzie" whose presence interferes with with Giler's allergy and lack of interest from other readers.

It is also worth mentioning the unconventional illustrations that accurately reflect the adventures of young Zezikówna, and are a real attraction for readers. Another advantage is the appearance of the book, attention to detail with a hard cover at the forefront. The publisher of the book joined a certain batch of copies of tattoos. Some of them really look nice, but would my child like to carry the image of the author of the book on their body? I truly doubt it.

I want more

I admit, Chylińska did not disappoint my expectations. I consider her debut quite successful. She showed not only that she perfectly understands a certain age group of underage readers, but above all can interest their parents or guardians. Agnieszka has a light pen and a huge distance to herself, to the confusion caused by this book and to the recipients of Zezia and Giler. My fear that on the last page of reading instead of capital letters in the style of "The End" I will see the famous "Fuck off" proved to be unjustified. And all happiness ...