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30 funniest sayings by parents and children. Smile!

30 funniest sayings by parents and children. Smile!

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Parents also have a man, sometimes he will say something funny. However, the masters of the slips are probably children. They can make us laugh to tears. Here are 30, in our opinion, extremely funny proverbs - known and definitely less. Read.

  1. Close the window because it's cold
  2. Everyone has problems and jacks
  3. This hole is worawy (this bag is leaky)
  4. Lubricate the slice with bread
  5. Chicken breast
  6. Calamity slippery
  7. Wet nipples (instead of "wet wipes")
  8. Ride your truck
  9. Pour buckets into the water
  10. Kicking is not lying
  11. The lion turns you on
  12. Don't bother me on my dept (instead of "don't bother me")
  13. Grandma went to cut the evidence
  14. Lejeń
  15. Majezon, manojez, mazojen (instead of "mayonnaise")
  16. Knee ponik
  17. Oil bark
  18. A bubble bit me, I got a mosquito
  19. Push it, how it smells nicely
  20. Hungry peasant mean
  21. I will want what I will do
  22. Poke macha (instead of "wet armpits")
  23. Watch out in the basement, there is a paw brush.
  24. Take out the trash and throw the dog
  25. Knots broke down
  26. I put my eye in my finger
  27. I'm going to put some tea on the water
  28. There is no block in all current
  29. Prefer a goose
  30. Bitana cream