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"Mama, pacifier!"

"Mama, pacifier!"

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Are you wondering when pushing a stroller or leading a child by the hand, as it is in other families? Sometimes you think about whether what is happening is typical, or are some moms, emotions, doubts or insights struggling, or are they only characteristic for you? So there's a chance you'll like this book. The intimate, very honest diary from the first year of life of our 35-year-old son is a novelty from the publishing house Prószyński i S-ka.

Honest review

Reaching for you various books, novelties and already classic items, we focus on honesty and as accurate a description as possible, which will allow you to decide whether a given item is worth spending time on it or not. There are suggestions that we can recommend to you without any doubt, shouting like a certain member of "yes, yes, yes", ones that in our opinion are not worthy to take you even a moment and those that are good, but they do not impress so much to make sure they are well picked up by everyone they are recommended to. This book belongs to the last group.

Nice reading ...

Reads pretty good. Like a diary, a report of the day. Often like a mirror in which we can see. However, this is not a position that changes life, it allows you to discuss for a long time. Rather, it should be treated as an offer that is read for taking time, for entertainment, or simply to convince ourselves that our problems are not original and ... other mothers also have ...
"Mother, pacifier!" Should be treated as the story of a loved one, a friend whom we listen to, we want to bend over it: at times laugh honestly, at other times frown to be sad and nod in understanding.

The author is a psychologist

However, reading this book, I did not have the impression that I was reading a position written by "psychologist", but by a woman like me or similar to me. I found myself in typical behaviors: nervousness, when my husband is not home because of his fault, and I treat each subsequent minute of his absence as an assassination attempt on myself, with the strong impression that I can't stand a moment longer and at the same time feel that "after all it's not his fault. " Reading about treating organized moms as people who can handle them anytime and anywhere and do not need to help them, I nod with understanding. I smile when I reach the report on the harmful effects of "ordinary shampoos", washing powders and "normal food" and follow the author's attempts to familiarize yourself with ecocosmetics and alternative cooking methods. I breathe a sigh of relief when the author comes to the conclusion that in today's world full life in accordance with nature is in many ways impossible. I understand the author when she says that she gives modified milk, because her child likes it, that she uses a teat and that she wears her breast because feeding begins to tire her.

And although the dilemmas under the title: leave the house on New Year's Eve and wonder what's up with the child, whether he doesn't wake up or cry, whether he can stay at home and eat tangerines in pajamas are also close to me, I don't read the book tiredly or because I have to. I don't know why, but I even like it. However, this is not the proposition to which I will come back and think about for a long time, because this book does not change life ... but this is not why it was created. It is supposed to be fun and an alternative way of spending time for young mothers. It works well in this area! And under such conditions I recommend it!

Thank you to the Prószyński i S-ka Publishing House for providing the book for review.

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