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A unique gift, party and escape from home, or is eighteen a kind of modern rite of passage?

A unique gift, party and escape from home, or is eighteen a kind of modern rite of passage?

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Max Gluckman, an outstanding activist in the field of anthropology, stated in the 1960s that the more complex societies, the less ritualized. The thesis seems to be true, but modern scientists believe that while traditional rituals are becoming obsolete, new ones take their place. In most cases, we are not even aware that we are ritualizing certain events. An example would be, for example, eighteen.

The grand celebration of the eighteenth birthday in the last decade has become extremely popular. For many people it is a special day in life and a symbolic step into adulthood. It is for this reason that cultural anthropologists are convinced that eighteenth parties are a kind of modern rite of passage. The confirmation of this thesis is the appearance during the eighteen years of many elements accompanying the rites of passage in cultures that up to now maintain old traditions. During the birthday party, the jubilee receives, for example, eighteen slaps. Similar customs have hitherto been cultivated by, among others Aborigines or some Indians. In addition, the fun is accompanied by alcohol - probably all cultures use intoxicating substances during the rituals, whose task is to transfer them to another dimension.

Rite of passage - what is that?

The rite of passage is a rite characterized by change. Anthropologists define this change as receiving and giving some property to the person undergoing surgery. Researchers have noted that most transition rituals consist of three phases that vary in duration so that some may be unnoticeable. The first of these is the inclusion (prelimial, separation) phase, which aims to take away the status of the individual and exclude him from the current group. This moment can be expressed in various ways, e.g. ritual dress or nudity, distance from the community, isolation or painting or mutilation of the body or face. The next phase is called the marginal (limial, transitional period) and during its duration the person subjected to the ritual is suspended, dismissed because he lost his previous social role. The final stage is the incorporation (post-integration, integration) phase, which aims to give the unit a new status.

Rituals of passage in the modern world

Professor Amber believes that modern rituals of passage are crumbling and are being written by us into various spheres of life. Increasingly, they are associated with education and professional careers, which makes them cease to be relevant to the emotional aspects of our existence. Nevertheless, many people still cultivate the moments of transition, which today also have Christian significance, e.g. baptisms, first communion or marriage. In addition, we are currently celebrating many small changes, e.g. a new job, passing an important exam, etc. An important moment is also the grand celebration of the 18th birthday, which aims to mark the entry into adulthood.

When does adulthood begin?

In their article for the portal Polityka, Agnieszka Krzemińska and Marta Mazuś note that the statement at what moment we are entering adulthood is not easy. A sufficient determinant is not physical maturation (although it is also an individual matter). A more important aspect is considered emotional maturity, which in turn depends on many factors. Among them, an important role full of cultural and family issues. Maturity in different parts of the world can therefore be understood differently. At the same time, the authors note that adulthood is a concept that depends not only on factors such as place of birth, climate or genes, but above all it is a conventional issue in a particular cultural circle. Thus, tribal peoples are subjected to special rituals whose purpose is to test the ability of a selected person to mature. The chosen one who meets the expectations of community members is then subjected to the rite of passage. It is worth adding that rituals may apply to people of different ages (e.g., the Aborigines and Prairie Indians undergo rituals of passage between the ages of 12 and 30). Europeans have it much easier. In most countries, a person becomes out of office when they reach the age of 18. Then the person gains additional citizenship rights and receives documents enabling him to function independently in the community.

Eighteen - a way to step into adulthood?

Contemporary celebration of the 18th birthday is undoubtedly a kind of rite of passage. We gain additional rights upon reaching the age of 18. From this moment, we can independently make official decisions, we can vote in elections or get married. After the age of 18, we also have the option of legally buying alcohol and cigarettes, and getting a tattoo. All this means that we formally become adults, which is why we are celebrating our 18th birthday so boisterously and eagerly. The event is therefore a kind of rite of passage, which aims to enter adulthood. During the game, the jubilee says goodbye to his current childhood life and begins a new stage. This can be demonstrated, for example, by the general permission for alcohol consumption by event participants. Adolescent drinking drinks are disapproved of by their parents and guardians. The situation changes after the age of 18. That is why the celebration is accompanied by various types of drinks (equivalent to old magical ritual, magic potions) and special giftsto help you move to a different stage of life,

How to choose a gift for 18. that will help you enter adulthood?

All cultures that subject their members to rite of passage assume that those undergoing the rite should be given. Gifts are designed to reward people and equip them for the next years of life. How to choose 18th birthday gift (// to help a young person find their way into adult life? It is a good idea to treat the jubilee to a unique gift that will allow you to remember this special day. This can be, for example, a parachute jump or a balloon flight. Looking at the world from a completely different perspective is a great symbolic moment of transition. When choosing a gift for the 18th, remember to adapt it to the tastes of the birthday party. So you have to choose a different gift for 18 for a girl and a different gift for 18 for a boy. It is also worth finding out what the anniversary is dreaming about. This will avoid eighteenth disappointment. See how to choose the perfect one gift for 18. (//

Rituals of passage have accompanied man since the dawn of time. Each culture has its own ways and traditions regarding the rites of change. Over the years and the development of civilization, traditional rituals ceased to exist. Instead, they were replaced by modern methods of celebrating important moments in human life. An example would be weddings, funeral rites, but also events accompanying job changes or passing an important exam. It is also important to celebrate the 18th birthday. Celebrating formal entry into adulthood is undoubtedly a modern rite of passage, so it is worth making sure to give the jubilee a unique gift.