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A left-handed child at school - challenges you can handle

A left-handed child at school - challenges you can handle

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The beginnings of schooling for many children they are not easy. It can be particularly difficult learning to write. It is often a real challenge for left-handed children, who constitute 15% of all children starting school. Why is it more difficult for left-handed children? What are the rules to remember if your child has a leading left hand? Here's all about the "left-handed child at school".

If you have a left-handed child at home, it is very important to have knowledge that will prevent the child's frustration and even errors leading to curvature of the spine.

When is left-handedness shaped?

The first signals that the child will be left-handed can be observed already in infancy, however, only around the age of 4, the advantage of one hand over the other persists. In most children, left-handedness is finally established at 6-7 years of age, i.e. the dominance of one side is sealed in the late pre-school period.

Being left-handed indicates the dominance of the right hemisphere. Left-handedness is inherited.

Although it was very common a generation ago to switch a child from right to left, it is not recommended at this time. Such actions can be particularly dangerous when a child:

  • has strong left-hand domination,
  • the child at an early stage of development chooses the left hand,
  • the right hand is clearly less efficient,
  • the child is left-eyed.

Why is it not allowed to move the left-handed child by force?

Switching to right-handedness does more harm than good. It can end badly - problems with learning, concentration, memory, dysgraphy, dyslexia, dysortography, problems with reading, speaking and even stuttering. Forcing the child to put crayons from left to right in his hand huge stress which may end in a decrease in self-esteem.

What problems can a left-handed child at school face?

  • a child can write from right to left - this is a natural writing direction for a left-handed child.
  • left-handed children draw blocks from right to left, sometimes they write words like that and read numbers,
  • a left-handed person uses mirror writing - mirror image,
  • confuses letters p-b, d-b
  • the child writes less carefully,
  • the child gets tired faster when writing,
  • left-handed children are more prone to dysgraphia,
  • more often they are disappointed and frustrated with the requirements that they face, because they pose a greater challenge to them than for right-handed children.

How can you help a left-handed child at school?

For a left-handed child at school to meet the demands of him, it is very important to take care of several aspects:

  • The child should sit on the bench in such a way as to have a friend on his right side, a left-handed person should sit on the left side of the bench. Thanks to this, the left hand will be on the "outside of the bench" and children will not disturb each other while writing.
  • Feet should rest on the floor and back should be straight.
  • It's best if the child is sitting in the middle row where the light is most diffused and conducive to learning to write. The light source is most preferably when it falls from the right.
  • The layout of the notebook does not have to be parallel to the bench line. The child should be able to freely arrange the notebook in such a way as to see what he writes. A notebook can be obliquely arranged to the right and even vertically to the edge of the bench. The child should not be prohibited from maneuvering the notebook. Allow your child to have a comfortable writing position that will protect the spine.
  • At first the child should learn to write in pencil.
  • For left-handed children, scissors and a pen suitable for left-handed children should be purchased. Finger pads are also available to help you learn to write.

School supplies that may be useful

  • notebook with diagonal lines for left-handed people,
  • corrective pads for crayons and pencils practicing the correct grip
  • ballpoint / fountain pen for left-handed people,
  • left-handed scissors.

August 13 is International Left-Handed Day.


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