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Backpack or school bag? Which is better for a first grade student

Backpack or school bag? Which is better for a first grade student

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There is a common belief that for the youngest children a schoolbag is a much better option than a backpack. However, is this really the case? What are the key differences? What is the truth - choose a backpack or school bag for your child? And what to look for when browsing the store offer?

Satchel for first grade - best for the spine?

Belief superiority school bag has confirmation in its construction. The school bag has "back" stiffening, which motivate the child to maintain correct posture. An additional advantage is the lack of risk that poorly placed notebooks or books will hurt your child in the back. Thanks to the school bag, your child's back is not as loaded as when wearing a backpack. Another advantage of a school bag? It's usually easier to keep order in your school bag. Unfortunately, schoolbags usually weigh more than backpacks, which is undoubtedly their weakness. In addition, often the school bag is only used for a year, a maximum of two years, then children expect to buy a backpack. If you don't mind the vision of buying school bags every year, no problem. However, if we want the bag to last longer, it's better to choose a backpack.

So, does the answer to the question a backpack or a school bag for a first grade student leave no illusions? It is better to choose a school bag because it is more friendly to the child's spine? It turns out that the answer to this question is not so obvious, because there are also backpacks with a special profiled back on the market. In addition, some of them have wheels and a handle ideal for carrying (it is worth considering buying them, if the child goes to school alone, on the sidewalk, and at school he will not have to climb too many stairs).

First-grade backpack

Backpacks for first graders are in practice lots of designs, colors, possibilities. In addition to hundreds of colors and motifs that decorate backpacks, which is most often the most important factor conditioning the choice of a backpack by a child, it matters number of compartments, their size, length of the straps, adjustable, strap connecting them (which may or may not be available).

It is best if the backpack will have at least two chambers - one for notebooks, books, the other for sandwiches. Ideal if you can carry a water bottle in a side pocket, which reduces the risk of flooding books. Ideally, if there are lockers at school, and children can leave some of the things at school, which protects their spines from skewing.

Backpack or school bag for a first year student?

Before choosing a backpack or school bag, let's consider how the child will travel to school - on foot or by car, what the child will have to carry in the backpack - whether there are lockers in the school or not. The loaded backpack should not be heavier than 10% of the child's weight.

A backpack or school bag is worth trying on, it should be comfortable and allow to fit well to the figure. In addition, it should be equipped with glare, which will increase the visibility of children on the road. Let's pay attention to strength, children often check backpacks and schoolbags in many ways. They are so creative that inferior bags cannot withstand this test.