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Eight-year-old - development and important information for parents

Eight-year-old - development and important information for parents

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eight years old he doesn't cry at night because of a wild lion lurking in the closet. He doesn't complain about the fears under the bed. However, he has his fears and fears. One of the most important is the lack of peer acceptance or strict teacher evaluation. How is a child eight years old developing? And what to do to support this development?

Eight-year-old - physical, emotional and social development

An eight-year-old child is usually active and full of energy. However, in a more thought-out edition, and not like three or two years earlier. He likes outdoor activities and challenges. Overall coordination and balance is at a high level.

The milk teeth are being replaced permanently. The skeleton is still soft, so do not overload it, which unfortunately is quite a challenge especially in the context of the need to wear heavy backpacks. The muscles become stronger and more efficient than before. The heart and lungs are not yet the final size, the brain is growing and this process is coming to an end. The action of the heart becomes slower, but the blood pressure rises. The child breathes deeper and calmer. Small motor skills are well developed, the child also becomes more perceptive and has extremely good memory.

The child already knows himself well, knows his skills, limitations, temperament. He understands that he is different from other children. He is sensitive and empathic, he is easily moved. He is going through bad failures, albeit briefly.

The child likes to meet new people, give pleasure to loved ones. It easily adapts to new situations. It is brave. He feels safe in a world where an adult guards the borders and prevents them from crossing them.

Eight-year-olds are less likely to get sick. It has much better resistance. Unfortunately, it is more exposed to accidents, fractures and injuries. More often he complains about stomach ache or headache caused by stress.

Eight-year-old - attentive observer

eight years old this child extremely perceptive and sensitive. He sees a lot more than adults often think. He quickly catches mistakes and inconsistencies and simply points them out.

He protects justice and the principles he considers holy. He does not necessarily confess to all that are presented to him by his parent. He can rebel and reasonably argue why the sentence imposed on him does not suit him and why he wants to do otherwise.

He is fighting for his opinion. It is not so easy to impose your own view on an eight-year-old child. Sometimes an eight-year-old, however, gets lost and instead of a reasonable nature, he reveals the emotional one who, with a cry and a threatening expression, tries to force his way of thinking on others.

An eight-year-old has his affairs

An eight-year-old child has his or her affairs and secrets. He spends much more time alone. He is still busy, he plans some activities, he finds tasks to do himself.

He can focus on coloring, constructing and creating a creative ornament. He no longer needs as much attention as younger children. When you look at your daughter or son, sometimes you can't believe that your energetic child has changed so much recently.

Eight-year-old melancholic

He doesn't tell him what saliva will bring him. He doesn't ask as many questions as a four-year-old. Before he speaks, he'll think if it's worth it, whether it's worth it. He can analyze and predict how his behavior will affect others.

Sometimes, instead of asking for bothering matters outright, he prepares the ground and gets to the topic around. You may notice that your child is often thinking, he is going away somewhere, he is more often sad than before.

He likes challenges and adventures

The world of peers is becoming particularly important for an eight-year-old. The child wants to be liked and accepted. Have as many colleagues as possible. He will do a lot to buy in the favors of other children. He strongly experiences arguments and misunderstandings that are natural for this age. The child especially craves the teacher's approval. He wants to learn well, win competitions, he likes competitions and competitions.

He calls for stories about his parents' school days. He loves stories full of adventures, secrets, secrets and twists.

How can you help an 8-year-old grow?