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Bobaski sausages, i.e. 5% meat

Bobaski sausages, i.e. 5% meat

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Although two years have passed since a high-profile case that directly hit the baby food producer Gerber (belonging to the Nestle group), you can still find products on the market that contain MOM, i.e. mechanically separated meat: the cheapest meat substitute and an ingredient considered harmful. Sausages are still on sale, which are meat-like products and are directly recommended for children and even infants. Bobaski can be bought online and in stationary stores. They cost about PLN 4. The babies of the Animex-OZD plant in Opole were available in a package a few years ago in a package with a label of babies on them. Now the manufacturer sells his goods in a slightly different edition: the picture already shows several years old. Despite this change, it was not decided to introduce a different name and composition of the product that would not cause as much controversy as this.

Mechanical separated meat is the main ingredient in Bobaski. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not inform you exactly how much is in the product (the maximum value allowed by the regulations is 15%, however, it can be assumed that there is more MOM here). There is only 5% of clean meat in sausages. In this way, a low-quality product is obtained, which does not have to cause abdominal pain, but you have to be aware of the fact that when consuming Bobasków sausages we come across pieces of cartilage, claws or bones. In the long run, eating these sausages can be a dubious pleasure that is harmful to health.

The composition also includes phosphates: E451, E452, which worsen the absorption of calcium, iron and magnesium.

So, give your child sausages? We certainly do not recommend Bobasków. Check the results of our tests.