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What can you do for your son today?

What can you do for your son today?

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You raise a son to be an empathic person. You say he can cry because tears are not a shame at all. You encourage him to play with his sister and teach that fists are not the best argument in resolving a dispute. Then your special child goes to school and suddenly it turns out that a classmate who is able to fight loudly for his own is gaining a strong position in the class. He is not afraid to hit the table with his fist, he certainly will not shed tears in public, and he shows his sympathy to girls by putting their feet on them and watching how they fall over. So, did you make a mistake raising your son as a sensitive? Or not necessarily? What can you do for your child today?

1. Let your son make decisions. Teach that you must take responsibility for every decision. In this way, you will build in your child not only a sense of agency, but also self-confidence resulting from the opportunity to face adversity.

2. Do not remove all the logs from under the legs, break the glass bowl into a small poppy seed. Stay by and watch, provide support if necessary, help. However, allow your son to be independent.

3. Say it is human to be wrong. However, the most important thing is to learn from mistakes. Require your son to fix his mistakes. Remind about it until you expect it from yourself.

4. Don't raise a sissy. Support the child's independence at every step. Say you will demand from him even if others do not. ("Demand from yourself even though others do not require you" John Paul II). Remember that you are raising a son for the future daughter-in-law ... and above all for the world.

5. Your son, if he is 10-11 years old, really should not need assistance in dressing, he will cope with the choice of clothes, pack up to school, make breakfast, read books and clean the toilet. No, you are not a bad mother, if you demand it from him! Do not help the son in everything, because you will bring him up for life's cripple.

6. Say a cow that roars loudly gives little milk. Explain that classmates who interfere with lessons, beat and swear actually do it to get attention. Because inside they feel insecure and ... weak. Their inappropriate behavior is not a signal of strength but of loss. It is not worth giving them excessive attention, because that is what they mean. She feeds them.

7. Say that the greatest potential lies in the head, not in muscle strength. It all starts with inner peace. And you can strengthen your muscles while doing your favorite sport, if you want to ...

8. Realize that your son does not have to be like aggressive colleagues to earn respect. He can impress others with his mature attitude, interesting passion and intellect. He doesn't have to be like most to feel good about himself.

9. Explain that human values ​​are not built by designer clothes and fashionable games. It's just a cover we hide behind because we feel weak. Say that the most important thing is to BE, only later to HAVE.

10. Teach your child self-defense. Don't let your son feel helpless when there is a confrontation with a classmate or in the yard, and it will come sooner or later ...

11. Say that your friend can be fond of not necessarily making her angry, just by helping her and making her smile. Teach respect for people - especially the elderly, as well as women. Say that he has no respect for others, without self-respect and caring for his own good. Therefore, emphasize that respect for women is not manifested in giving way to them at every turn. Unfortunately, there is no shortage in the world of "unspoiled princesses" who will use the good heart of a young man, expecting special, unfair treatment.

12. The child learns not what we say to him, but, above all, copies our behavior. Make sure that the son is surrounded by men who will be his authority. The father is not always a model, so make sure that the boy has contact with a wise grandfather, uncle, he can be inspired by the attitude of a trainer, teacher, etc.

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