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Where in Poland can you meet Santa? Santa's village

Where in Poland can you meet Santa? Santa's village

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The end of November, and especially December, is a time when the thoughts of most children, not only in Poland, focus on their favorite character - Saint Nicholas. Songs about Santa are being taught in kindergartens and schools, art works and Christmas performances are being prepared. Of course, letters are also being written to Santa and eagerly awaiting gifts. Increasingly, the Christmas atmosphere is stimulated by visits to the village of Mikołaj, where you can look into the studio, play with Śnieżynki or talk to Mikołaj. See where in Poland you can visit Mikołaj.

Santa's village in Bałtów

Already from November 30 you can visit Santa's Village in Bałtów. As every year, children will have the opportunity to talk to Santa, take a picture with him, and even receive a gift from him or leave a letter written at home.

On the spot in Bałtów you can visit the village of Mikołaj, see how bravely the Elves work, play with Snowman, in a word feel the atmosphere of Christmas ...

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Bałtów is located about 3 hours from Łódź, over 2 hours by car from Warsaw and an hour and a half from Lublin.

A normal ticket costs PLN 16, for children - PLN 12.

The land of Saint Nicholas in Kołacinek

You don't have to go to Lapland, you'll find Santa's hut in Kołacinek. This is where you will see how Santa responds to letters, talk to him or take a photo. In the cottage next door lives Grandfather Mróz with his granddaughter Świegoruczka. Do you want to see what he looks like? Be sure to check it out!

On the spot in the land of Santa you can get a magic star seeker certificate and take part in many organized games. Finally, it is worth going for a walk along the Fairytale Path, where you will meet many houses of well-known and liked fairy-tale characters. There is something else, a special magic mill that had all the bad deeds and sins of the youngest. It is enough to write down what has not quite succeeded in the past year and throw it into the mill. Bad deeds will be removed.

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This is not the end of attractions, even more are waiting for children in Kołacinek ... Click and read.

Kołacinek is located 2 hours from Łódź.

A normal ticket costs PLN 35, and a reduced ticket PLN 30. Children under 3 years free admission.

Santa Claus Tree stop near Gdansk

Mikołaj also accepts children in Drzewin, near Gdańsk. It is here that you can talk to Mikołaj, listen to his stories, ask a question or leave a letter asking for the most beautiful gifts. In addition, there is an Elf School, St. Nicholas' Playground, a live nativity scene with animals, a Christmas scene with Christmas themed films.

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The Saint Nicholas stop is open until December 22 from 8am to Admission cost 39 PLN. It is worth calling before arrival and booking a place - 58 303 18 78.

Santa's Village in Mazurolandia

Every weekend, without the need for reservations, you can go to Mazurolandia, where Santa is waiting for small and large. Visits are possible from 11am to 3pm. Organized after prior reservation by phone: 693 616 083.

On site for sightseeing Saint Nicholas' Hut (45 minutes) - visiting Legana and Fairy Tales, solving puzzles, listening to Santa's story, taking a picture, writing a letter, as well as destroying bad deeds in a specially prepared shredder.

Then the children go to Elf studio, where artistic classes take place (45 minutes) - to choose from: making Christmas decorations or designing Christmas cards. Duration of the entire stay at Mikołaj - 1.5 hours, price per person - 22 zlotys.

Mikołaj's village in Zator

Over the past few years, Polish children have been able to visit Mikołaj in Zator. Santa's Village is closed this year.

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