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Chalazion in a child - appears and disappears by itself?

Chalazion in a child - appears and disappears by itself?

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Chalazion in a child, unlike barley, it doesn't hurt. Appears out of nowhere and disappears after a few weeks. In the vast majority of cases, it does not require treatment. However, sometimes you have to intervene. Chalazion on the eyelid may already appear in several-year-olds. How to recognize her?

What is chalazion?

Chalazion (chalazon), a Meibom gland cyst is an inflammatory change that indicates sebaceous gland inflammation. It can have various causes. Sometimes it appears as a consequence untreated barley, at other times it indicates a recent bacterial infection (mainly staph infection), it may appear during periods of weakened immunity or be one of the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis. Sometimes develops after inflammation of the eyelids or conjunctivitis. It is caused by blockage of the sebaceous gland.

What does chalazion look like in a child?

Chalazion has the form of a smaller or larger hard bump on the eyelid of a child - may appear on the upper or lower eyelid. It has clearly defined edges. Usually a small diameter, at most a few millimeters. It may be accompanied by swelling, but usually occurs without inflammation. It takes the form of nodular thickening of the skin. Unlike barley, with which it is confused - it does not hurt. It rarely causes swelling of the entire eyelid or deterioration of vision. In the vast majority of cases disappears by itself. Sometimes, however, it grows and begins to disturb, causing discomfort.

If chalazion grows, hurts or has a large size, it is worth going to the doctor.

How is chalazion treated?

Chalazion in most cases disappears by itself. It is particularly important to care for eye hygiene, washing them twice a day with lukewarm boiled water. You can also make 20-minute warm compresses and gently massage the eye. It is worth trying chamomile and green tea compresses.

However, sometimes (when the chalazion grows or is large) or is accompanied by pain or deterioration of vision, a visit to the doctor is necessary. The ophthalmologist may decide to use the ointment, give antibiotics or inject the antibiotic with the lesion. You should also go to the doctor when after 2 weeks of home treatment chalazion does not disappear.

Sometimes it is necessary chalazion removal by spooning. The doctor administers the local anesthesia and removes the replacement. For small children, short general anesthesia is often used.

Unfortunately, chalazion likes to convert, so it is very important to care for eye hygiene, remembering to systematically wash it. In addition, in children in whom chalazion converts, it is necessary to examine the eyesight and choose corrective lenses if necessary.


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