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Dangerous choking lollipops

Dangerous choking lollipops

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173,000 lollipops went to trash. Unfortunately, before they decided to take such a step, someone else decided to import the product from China and enter the Pomeranian market. It was supposed to be sweet and funny. Children in lollipops were tempted by a painted skull and after eating a whistle. It turned out that the burr and too small mouthpiece and incorrect markings caused the requisitioning of products in Gdansk.Pomeranian inspection came across the trail of defective toys. All thanks to the EU system of notification of articles that may pose a threat to life or health.

A sample of toys was sent to the Specialized Toy Testing Laboratory. There, it turned out that the toy did not meet the basic requirements. The mouthpiece was to be mounted in such a way that it threatened to choke, and the whole lollipop could hurt the child severely. In addition, the packaging lacked information that toys are not suitable for children under three years of age.

The toys went to the trash. Gdansk entrepreneur is facing criminal liability.


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